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Custom Circle Magnets 4.5 Inch

Custom Circle Magnets 4.5 Inch

4.5 inch circle magnets make suitable choices for businesses which are operating within a short budget. They offer plenty of advertising space and can be extensively utilized in outdoor and indoor promotions. We offer three types of 4.5 inch circular magnets at varying thicknesses: 20 mil, 25 mil, and 30 mil. The 20 and 25 mil magnets are good choices for indoor promotions because they remain in good condition for a long time. A 4.5 inch round magnet of thickness 30 mil is outdoor safe and can be extensively used for the same.


Custom Round Magnets 4.5 Inch

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Advertisers can choose to buy a 4.5 inch circle magnet against payment of $0.28, $0.33 and $0.51 depending on their thickness. Advertisers can make huge savings on orders at quantities of 1,000 and up. They can choose to customize it specifically against a small fee. In addition, clients have the option to choose a suitable template and customize it with the required brand information. Our designers will send a design proof within 24 hours of the order being placed. Printing begins after customer approval.