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    Custom Circle Magnets 1.5 Inch

    Custom Circle Magnets 1.5 Inch

    1.5 inch circle magnets are an impressive promotional token because they are small, yet overpowering. Proudly made in USA magnets are perfect to promote your brand information and contact details. You can strive to make a difference with these affordable 1.5 inch custom circle magnets because it features against all odds despite its small stature. Attractively priced, many small budget marketers find them affordable and reliable. Save on  online artwork, and online art setup. Unlimited online mock-ups offered.

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    1.5 inch custom circle magnets easily acts as that savior in the dark for marketers who have not tasted success with their other small budget investments. Offered in 20 MIL, 25 MIL and 35 Mil thickness, marketers have tasted success by employing it for indoor and outdoor promotions. However, these small promotional round magnets look like medallions from long distances, but they are good enough to influence people from closer range.

    We receive huge orders of 1.5 inch custom full color magnetsfrom organizations as varied as a church, pizza corners, entertainers, travel agencies and many more. They are largely seeking it for gifting during tradeshows and other mass promotional events, where huge turnouts are expected. Magnets are the source of inspiration for everyone because they hold certain fascinating power. You can turn this fascination for your benefit by imprinting your brand name over these customizable magnets.

    We offer great savings on bulk orders of these promotional round magnets, thereby allowing small budget marketers to order it in bulk and stock it for future promotions.

    Do you wish to discuss promotional possibilities of these circle customized magnetsused for indoor and outdoor purposes, feel free to contact us at 855-762-4638 or mail us at  [email protected]

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