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    Custom Circle Magnets 2 Inch

    Custom Circle Magnets 2 Inch

    2 inch round magnetsallow you to bell the competition and win the race at the snap of a finger. With four-color process offered, you can easily get your brand information positioned over 2 inch custom round magnets , which are 20 MIL, 25 MIL and 35 Mil thick. 2 inch custom circle magnets are a versatile promotional token, offering offers tons of fun, when you get to work over it. Save on digital artwork and art setup. Be proud to invest in this made in USA magnet. Lead -free.

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    Custom circle magnets make a great promotional gift, when you are meeting your client for the first time. By investing in custom magnets, you are not only saving on efforts, but also trying to make an impact on the crowd with minimum efforts. You can easily score brownie points with your customers, clients, friends and more by gifting them customized circle magnets during the next meeting.

    Custom round magnets can proudly bear your brand information, awareness messages, and wide gamut of emotions. You can offer it as an individual gift during tradeshow or other mass events or as an individual token with purchases. It does not matter, whether you are an established business trying to expand customer base or a newbie trying to build reliability around business, this magnet easily serves the purpose. You can count on it for sticking your brand information on their minds. Be it 2 inch round refrigerator magnets or 2 inch circle shape magnet - outdoor safe 35 Mil, your brand information is sure to receive a new lease of popularity.

    We offer unlimited free online mock-ups and marketers can work with us until they get it right.

    Do you wish to know how to benefit by indulging 2 inch round custom magnets,feel free to contact us at 855-762-4638 or mail us at [email protected]

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