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    Custom Circle Magnets 4.5 Inch

    Custom Circle Magnets 4.5 Inch

    4.5 inch circle magnetsare becoming “IT” choice for many smart marketers who wish to get popular easily with minimum efforts and by remaining within budget. Our customers can easily choose from attractive priced 4.5 inch custom outdoor circle magnets(35 Mil) and 4. 5 inch round refrigerator magnets (20 MIL & 25 MIL). Proudly made in USA, marketers can proudly flaunt their “Truly American Pride” by investing in 4. 5 inch personalized round magnets.

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    4.5 inch personalized round magnets make perfect promotional choice for marketers of all budget sizes because they know it is affordable and going to be seen. Although offered with strong magnet backing, marketers can ensure longevity and favoritism of these custom magnets by getting them imprinted in full color printing.

    4.5 inch custom round magnets are lightweight and crafted on high quality magnetic material. By purchasing 4.5 inch round magnets wholesale, marketers can save on investment and stock them for future gifting. 4.5 inch personalized round magnets can be easily stacked and carried during mass events such as tradeshows, business conferences, community programs, awareness programs, health camps, etc.

    Colorful promotional magnets are loosely based on the idea of business card, but they mean more. Within no time, a customized magnet is converted into an amusement token, reference token and eye candy. This means marketers investing in promotional round magnets can stay assured that their business information is going to entertain and amuse their customers.

    To know more about custom 4.5 inch round magnets and its promotional abilities, feel free to reach out to us at 855-762-4638 or mail us at [email protected].

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