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    Oval Magnets 5x3.5

    Oval Magnets 5x3.5

    5x3.5 custom oval magnets works great for everyone, who have something to convey without annoying others. Perfect for imprinting save the dates, seasonal greetings, awareness messages and of course branding information! It suits advertisers in all budget sizes because we offer these oval magnets in varying but affordable price ranges. You can avail them in thicknesses 20 MIL, 25 MIL, and 35 Mil (indoor and outdoor). Save on digital artwork, online design proof and art assistance because their prices are inclusive.

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    5x 3.5 logo imprinted oval magnets (20 MIL & 25 MIL)is going to be an asset to your campaign. You can avail it for bulk gifting during your next marketing event such as tradeshow, business convention or during corporate events. You can also avail these oval magnets for sending annual mailers or for greeting customers during regular business days. 5x3.5 inch oval shape Christmas card magnets, 5x 3.5 inch oval shaped AIDS awareness magnets, 5x3.5 magnetic oval shaped holiday cards, 5x 3.5 oval magnets for cars (35 Mil) and 5x3.5 inch oval shape full color New Year magnets – are some of the most ordered and re-ordered items, built upon these oval magnets.

    Backed with strong magnetic material, this high quality magnet is sure to last over their refrigerator doors or car bumpers for long. Durability, easy visibility, and full color printing are some features, which works for marketers and individuals seeking these magnets for gifting.

    If you are skeptical about magnetic advertising, you should start thinking positively after seeing a 3.5 x 5 custom oval magnet. You can exploit full color imprinting to make your business messages, graphics and announcements stand out against the white surface. With little efforts, you can easily convert this white piece of magnet into an influential magnetic billboard. If you want to know, how custom magnets have benefited several individuals or businesses such as yours, feel free to contact us at 855-762-4638 or mail us at [email protected].

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