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    Custom Die Cut Magnets 24 to 27.99 Square Inches

    Custom die cut magnets 24 to 27.99 square inches will offer you maximum brand exposure at low investment. These customized magnets are perfect for businesses who wish to go creative with their campaigns without piling up extra charges. These promotional die cut magnets can be customized or shaped in any way you want. There is always an ample space for your brand logo and contact details. Our full color printing helps marketers to add visual flair to their campaigns.

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    Customized die cut magnets 24 to 27.99 square inches are inexpensive and offers assured visibility over refrigerator door or car surfaces. It doesn’t matter, whether marketers want to employ these die cut magnets for refrigerator advertising ( 20 MIL & 25 MIL magnets) or car advertising ( 35 Mil magnets) onlookers are going to read information printed over them. Large full color magnets will always receive appreciation from recipients and they will always take chances to look at it. This is the reason why lot many marketers are incorporating these big die cut magnets in their marketing arsenal.

    Personalized die cut magnets are perfect for individual giveaways during in-store promotions, tradeshow, business convention, social events, and business conferences. Or marketers can seek them for tote bag insert and bulk mailers. Wholesale custom die cut magnets 24 to 27.99 will allow marketers to pocket huge savings and improve their brand outreach with ease.

    Everyone from a political party to a small start up business can seek benefits by employing these large die cut advertising magnets for promotions. Like all other promotional magnets in our selection, these die cut magnets are guaranteed to arrive on time. Additionally, marketers can save on digital design proofs, typesetting assistance and full color printing.

    To know more about personalized die cut magnets 24 to 27.99, feel free to contact our team at 855-762-4638 or mail us at [email protected]

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