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    What are the Uses of Animal Shaped Magnets?

    Famous French novelist Anatole France once said “"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." Over the years this saying was univocally affirmed by many pet lovers and environmentalists across the world. There is no doubt that pets help us to unwind and they touch us with their unconditional love. Today, many brands have identified that they can gain easy attention by projecting a pet in their advertisements. This is the reason why animals in real or print are favored by most of the brands across the world.

    bear shaped magnets

    Apart from all these, marketers are seen handing out animal shaped magnets due to the high adorability factor associated with them. These magnets have been around since long time, but today their prominence has grown due to their multifaceted uses. Here are 5 ways in which you can use pet shaped magnets -

    1. Learning Tool – Kids can grasp the things very easily when taught through functional or live examples. Instead of just forcing them to read, and write throughout the day and night you can make them learn through small interesting animal shaped toys. These magnets can be affixed on the refrigerator door and during lunch time or dinner time parents can call out the names of the animal and teach their kids about them. This will not only help the kid to memorize the animal names, but also create a good family atmosphere.

    2. Utility – Pet shaped magnets can be used for various purposes. Small or miniature animal magnets can be used for varied purposes. They can be used for securing various kinds of documents like shopping lists, bills, receipts, etc. Miniature customized magnetic animals can be offered as gifts during the kids parties.

    3. Marketing –Pet shaped magnets are especially used for promotion by people who are into the pet care, veterinary clinics, breeding, grooming, pet food manufacturers, kennel grooming and many more. This magnet helps them to shine easily with fewer efforts and low investment.

    4. Save a Date Magnet – Other than marketing, pet magnets are also used for making special announcements. You can perhaps announce that D –day or wedding day by gifting paw shaped or any other suitable animalized magnets to your friends. These special shaped magnets will help you remain in the public memory for long time. Your friends will remember you every time they see your wedding invite on paw shaped or bear shaped magnetic background. They will also retain it for long time purely for the sake of adorability factor associated with it.

    5. Animal Themed Magnets for Special Occasions – You can use specialized animal shaped magnets for announcing some big events such as wedding, milestone birthdays and festivals. Today, various kinds of animal themed magnets are released during festivals in many countries. For e.g.:- Turkey shaped magnets are popular in America during the Thanksgiving.

    Animal themed magnets offers space for creativity and you need to decide how you want to utilize them for making a beeline.

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