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Everything You Need to Know on Car Magnets

Car magnets are an effective and easy fundraiser,  budget friendly branding tool and something that everyone will be proud to display on their cars to support their cause or team. Here are some benefits of custom car magnets that you may not have thought about. Budget friendly If you are a small business or a […]

The Best Magnets to Boost Brand Visibility

Custom magnets are not just square or rectangle these days. In fact, marketers can choose from a wide range of shapes including classic, quirky and everything in between! Here are some interesting custom magnets models that will make your marketing plan more interesting. Circle Shaped Magnets These full- color, dainty delights are perfect if you […]

How Fridge Magnets Bring Business Growth

Businesses need to plan innovative promotional strategies as they grow. To cater to the increased marketing needs, marketers need high visibility and interesting giveaways like fridge magnets that will help you optimize the leads and get the best return on their investment. Low cost In addition, Custom refrigerator magnets are a fun and inexpensive way […]

Unbelievable Benefits of Custom Car Magnetic Signs

Car magnets are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and price rates. Choose models that complement your branding theme. As these can be moved as many times as you need without damaging the surface, you can use it on different vehicles in your fleet that ply in different routes. As it is easy […]

Popular Logo Magnets for Retail Events

Summer has arrived;  A new season is also about planning new business strategies. It will pique interest in the minds of the audience and will make your brand part of their summer marketing plan. Here are some models in custom magnets that will put your brand in plain view of your audience. Football  Schedule Magnets […]

3 Surprising Reasons to Use Car Magnets to Advertise

Putting your logo on a business vehicle can have a magical effect on your brand visibility. These temporary billboards can optimize your outdoor brand presence by taking your message far and wide. Car magnets are easily one of the most cost-effective methods to promote your business, and engage your audience with your brand in many […]

Make Branding Fun with Circle Magnets

Custom circle magnets are indeed a fun way to share your business message to others. Available in various sizes, these full color circle magnets, offer ample customization scope. Make the best use of  the high visibility imprint space by adding your logo; to create your own circle magnets for business promotions. or personal use Incredibly […]

Logo magnets For Independence Day Events

Independence Day is an occasion on immense pride and happiness for millions of Americans. Likewise it is a great time for marketers to invest in custom magnets  as patriotic day souvenirs  that will also double up as promotional items. In the post pandemic new normal world, the Independence Day shopping trend has evolved to be […]

Why Magnets Are Important in Marketing

Let’s be frank about it! Custom magnets are easily one of the most popular marketing tools for all types of businesses. Firstly, these full color magnets get an incredible visibility at homes, on the streets and even in offices and schools. Lastly, custom magnets are easy to attach, remove and reposition, which makes it highly […]

Promotional Impact of Refrigerator Magnets

It is customary for most people to deck up refrigerators with magnets. Apart from adding a pop of fun colors to the plain fridge doors,  magnets also make a handy way to attach pictures, notes, and coupons for easy access.  It is this incredible popularity that has made magnets a great marketing tool As these […]

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