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Tips For Buying Custom Save the Date Magnets

If you are planning a big wedding and have to deal with a pretty big guest list, custom save the date magnets will come handy. It will help  the couple to prevent unwanted expenses on food and venue as  their guests will never forget to attend the event. These full color custom magnets will serve […]

What Makes Custom Fridge Magnets Classic Giveaways

Custom fridge magnets make high volume marketing items for a variety of reasons. Available in a wide range of shapes and colors, logo magnets are cost-effective, easy to brand, and above all very useful to your recipients. High visibility The refrigerator is an essential and high utility appliance in every home and most offices. Thus […]

Unbeatable Benefits of Promotional Magnets

Looking for an interesting yet budget friendly way to promote your brand? Look no further than these full color custom magnets. Affordable and effective alike, logo magnets are a good value and highly effective promotional tools that are hard to miss. Very few people ever throw them away and hence these will effectively keep your […]

Custom Magnets Are Crowd Pleasing Merchandise- Why

Promotional magnets are one of the most popular giveaways that can be used in school, at home, or in the workplace. It is indeed a great idea to incorporate  popular handouts like logo magnets in your marketing plan to get your name out. Here are some benefits of magnets that not many other promotional items […]

A Quick Guide On How To Use Custom Magnets The Right Way

. Custom magnets are a great way to increase your brand awareness, but only if it is done right. If you are new to the idea of using printed magnets as marketing tools, here are a  few tips that will help. Consider the occasion Make sure that promotional magnets match your event perfectly to make […]

5 Top Reasons Why Promotional Magnets Are Still Relevant

In a highly digitized marketing world,  businesses earmark a large portion of their  marketing budgets on online marketing strategies. Even when the  list of online promotional ideas is endlessly growing; traditional marketing items like custom magnets sill remain an effective medium of advertising Let us take a closer look at why logo magnets are still […]

How To Improve Sales With Promotional Magnets

Promotional magnets are everywhere. But it doesn’t lessen the importance of logo magnets as marketing tools. Budget friendly, popular and non intrusive, these proven promotional swag is here to remain for a long time. Available in a wide range of popular models at just about every price rate, custom magnets offer something special for every […]

What Are The Best Promotional Magnets For Marketing Your Business

The business world is flooded with countless promotional items, but magnets stand out for some obvious reasons. They are handy marketing tools for any business, thanks to their staying power and low cost advantage. Logo magnets can stick for a long duration and will continue to promote your business even in your absence. Available in […]

How Promotional Magnets Drive Up Your Brand Visibility

Why settle for ordinary  promotional materials that seldom work, when you can advertise your brand 24 x 7 on custom magnets? Promote  your business, event or cause in style without breaking your budget with custom magnets Available in a wide range of models, sizes and shapes customizing magnets is a breeze. Your logo and message […]

5 Dos and Don’ts of Customizing Car Magnets

Car magnets  are a fun themed marketing tool that will literally take your message far and wide.  Here are some dos and donts to follow while customizing these full color outdoor car magnets to ensure the best impact. Choose an appropriate model In addition, choose car magnets that are relevant to your business and are […]

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