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Happy Customer Stories- Pizzeria Promotions with Custom Magnets

2x3.5 Custom Pizza Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Creativity can make or break promotions! While ordinary custom gifts get trashed heartlessly by the customers, creative custom gifts like pizza magnets will enjoy a high retention among customers and get them to make that order!  Meet the brother sister duo of Ben and Jenny who runs a small family run pizzeria. Even when other […]

Get 100 Free When You Buy 250 Custom Business Card Magnets- Hurry! Limited Time Offer

business card magnets

Business card magnets make a perfect way for you to introduce your brand and to get your message across. The best part is that people won’t throw away your business card if it’s on a magnet! Easy and effective, magnetic business cards will make your brand and message remain right in front of your audience […]

Top 5 Ideas To Use Custom Circle Shaped Magnets In Business Promotions

2.5 Inch Custom Circle Shaped Magnets 25 Mil

Magnets are offered in various shapes like circle, square, rectangle, oval and even die cut magnets that can be shaped in any form that you desire. However, circle shaped magnets enjoy a massive fan base because these dainty delights will never fail to arrest the attention of even casual observers. If you are looking for […]

What makes Business Card Magnets crucial in brand building

2x3.5 Custom Electrical Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

No matter whether you are a new brand, trying to put down roots or a well established business reaching out to their new and existing customers, business card magnets will make an important tool in the marketing mix. Business cards take your message across to the end users and promote your brand. Businesses often have […]

Personalized Picture Frame Magnets- Handouts That Make Joyful Memories

3x3.5 Promotional Picture Frame Oval Punch Magnets 25 Mil

By handing out these personalized picture frame magnets you enhance the happy memories of your recipients and bring a smile on the faces of your recipients. Picture frame magnets will look good on the fridge doors, filing cabinets and in fact any metal surface and fill the spaces of your recipients with happy memories. Customize […]

Custom Car Magnets- Anything More Affordable Is Seen Only In Dreams!

Custom Car Magnets- Anything More Affordable Is Seen Only In Dreams!

Magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions. Marketers who buy it once can make countless brand impressions without any repeat investment or effort. If you are planning to get your message across to the maximum people in a budget friendly manner, look no further than custom car magnets. Just think of the exposure […]

Business Card Magnets – The Best Way To Introduce Your Brand

2x3.5 Custom Plumbing Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Business card magnets will make your message stay in the minds of the customers and make them familiar with your brand. When your recipients are ready to buy, they know where to find your contact details. These sleek and pint sized cards occupy the prime real estate of fridge doors and filing cabinets thereby remaining […]

Buy Custom Magnets At Low Minimum Quantity And Reduced Prices

Buy Custom Magnets At Low Minimum Quantity And Reduced Prices

Low minimum quantity offer will allow small businesses and budget marketers to reach out to their audience and to organize mass promotions without breaking their budget. Make use of the low minimum advantage and order your favorite custom magnets today at guaranteed lowest prices! We also have slashed the prices to make it a double […]

Personalized Magnetic Calendars- Keep Track Of The Days The Fun Way!

3x4 Custom Mini Refrigerator Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Calendars make an indispensible part of every home. Calendars keep everyone well organized and sane all through the year and put some order to the overlapping schedules and a tight time line. If you are looking for a calendar that won’t get torn or dirty and is easy to carry around wherever you go, look […]

How to Choose The Best Promotional Magnets For Your Business

2x3.5 Custom Attorney/Lawyer Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Not all marketing campaigns are alike! Businesses adopt specific and unique strategies and custom gifts that match their marketing theme and brand line to ensure the maximum impact. But, luckily there are some custom handouts like imprinted magnets that offer a range of diverse models that fit the bills of marketers of every genre. We […]

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