Pizza Magnets

How Small Pizza Shaped Magnets Can Promote Your Fast Food Business

1.87x2.62 Custom Pizza Slice Shape Magnets 20 Mil

In the fast- paced business world it has become difficult than ever before for marketers to stand out and highlight their brand identity. Restaurant industry is a highly competent niche where thousands of eateries and food stalls vie for attention. As customers have more options on their platter, restaurant owners are forced to think about […]

Happy Customer Stories- Pizzeria Promotions with Custom Magnets

2x3.5 Custom Pizza Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Creativity can make or break promotions! While ordinary custom gifts get trashed heartlessly by the customers, creative custom gifts like pizza magnets will enjoy a high retention among customers and get them to make that order!  Meet the brother sister duo of Ben and Jenny who runs a small family run pizzeria. Even when other […]

Custom Pizza Magnets- Second Only To Real Pizza In Making Your Brand Appealing

2.91x4.94 Custom Pizza Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Pizza is the most popular snack among Americans alright. However pizzerias find it easier said than done to beat the tough competition and to stand out from the countless pizzerias located every few meters that scream for attention! Marketers often think about freebies, special deals and coupon codes to build brand recall, drive orders and […]

Custom Pizza Magnets- The Delectable Way To Get Your Business Message Across

1.875x2.625 Custom Pizza Slice Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Pizza magnets will leave your contact number right in front of your hungry customers who will be looking for a quick grub. It is a perfect answer to the common query that we hear in all households “What’s for dinner”! These full color magnets that are shaped like a delectable slice of pizza will hand […]

Smart Tips For Customizing Pizza Magnets

7 Inch Custom Circle Picture Frame Magnets 20 Mil

A menu that looks fresh and appetizing to the hungry customers holds the key to success for any pizzeria. An impressive menu that gets regularly updated with fresh flavors is what matters the most for marketers in keeping the existing customers happy and attracting new customers. Pizza magnets make an excellent way to advertise your […]

Tout The Deliciousness Of Your Pizza Through Our Custom Pizza Magnets

24x12 Custom Pizza Car Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Starting a new business or maintaining your market can be a difficult task. When you open a pizza business, you make sure that you are selling a delicious pizza. Promoting a new business especially if it is an independent one will be a lot more challenging compared to franchises. You have to make a name […]

Why use Pizza Magnets to promote your pizzeria logo?

2x3.5 Pizza Business Card Magnets Square Corner

Pizza has become an iconic dish of considerable popularity in the US and the pizza restaurant industry in the country is worth over a staggering $37 billion! There are pizzerias in every nook and cranny alright but to make it to the top list, pizzeria owners have to prove to their customers that they are […]

Top selling Pizza magnets to promote your pizzerias

Custom 1.87x2.62 Pizza Slice Shape Magnet 25 mil

Pizza- the five letter word that will instantly make anyone drool! Let’s be frank about it. Pizza is one of the world’s most devoured dishes and it was popularized around the world by independent restaurants and big pizzeria chains. In USA, pizza is one of the most consumed dishes because of its high nutrient profile. […]

Have You seen These Yummy Pizza Magnets on Move

Pizza Magnets

Pizza is a popular comfort food enjoyed throughout the world and over the years it has grown into the stature of global food with every region churning its own version. Today, you can find host of popular, global, and local pizza joints in every city and they are always competing with each other to increase […]