Animal and Pet Care Magnets

20th February Is Love Your Pet Day- Spread The Message With Custom Magnets

4x7 Custom Pet Care Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Pets make delightful additions to families and give new meaning to unconditional love and faithfulness. Always ready to be at the service of their human masters, pets will even risk their lives to keep the humans safe. No gesture is big enough to show our gratitude to these bundles of joy. 20th February is observed […]

August 26th Is National Dog Day- Plan Your Promotions

August 26th Is National Dog Day- Plan Your Promotions

Celebrate the loyalty and love of dogs, man’s best friends ever- on the National Dog Day. It will make a great time for the dog owners to pamper their bundles of joy with the choicest goodies and gifts. It is not all; marketers like pet supply stores, veterinary services and pet spa services can all […]

June 17th To June 23rd Is Animal Rights Awareness Week- Plan Your Events With Themed Custom Magnets

June 17th To June 23rd Is Animal Rights Awareness Week- Plan Your Events With Themed Custom Magnets

The month of June has some very interesting, funny and bizarre animal holidays to celebrate the different animals on earth. The week of June 17th – June 23rd has been designated as Animal Rights Awareness Week to spread awareness of animal rights by educating the public about the importance of the compassionate treatment of all […]

JUNE Is National Adopt A Cat Month- Shop For Our Custom Cat Care Magnets

JUNE Is National Adopt A Cat Month- Shop For Our Custom Cat Care Magnets

June is not all about summer fun, beach holidays and road trips as it has many adorable events to its credit as well. June is national adopt a cat month; spread awareness on the importance of adopting a cat or sponsoring homeless cats during this month. Cats are curious and mischievous and fill your lives […]

September Is Happy Cat Month – Plan Your Promotions With Pet care Magnets

A Pup

September is not just all about the jackets, rain boots and pumpkin spice, it also happens to be Happy Cat Month, a whole month dedicated to these bundles of joy. Naughty and curious, cats make perfect companions to ward off boredom. For business owners, September makes a perfect time to treat the feline lovers in […]

Invest In Our Veterinary Magnets To Stay In The Market During Ruff Times

2.8125x3.25 Custom Dog Shaped Veterinary Fridge Magnets 20 Mil

As the spotlight on furry friends grows, the market related to this is also growing. Pet owners will always care for the health of their pets. Since this market is growing, veterinary care is also growing because it is essential to both pet owners and pets.Times have changed and so have veterinary marketing techniques. There […]

Instinctively Choose To Invest In Our Animal & Pet Care Magnets To Keep Moving And Grooming

3.25x3.125 Custom Paw Shaped Dog Boarding Magnets 20 Mil

Pets such as dogs and cats bring affection and fun in the family. Pets also come with some pretty powerful mental and physical health benefits to pet owners. Dogs or cats can reduce depression, stress, ease loneliness and anxiety. Pets also encourage their owners to play which on the other hand keep people active.Some parents […]

Cats have seven lives, so will be your brand with these Cat Care Magnets

4x7 inch Round Corner Cat Care Magnets

Cat care magnets make perfect promotional hand outs to promote a cattery or cat care business. Caring for a pet cat or sheltering an abandoned cat is a serious responsibility for pet care businesses as it involves hard work and determination to make their businesses stand out. Ask any cat owner to know how demanding […]

How wildlife care magnets make even your low key promo into a roaring success

4x7 inch Round Corner Wildlife Care Magnets

Wild care magnets will surely help you make a thriving business out of your love for the wild and wilderness. Wildlife care magnets that stand out for their wide imprint area will ensure a longer shelf life for all your business information. Imprint your logo, contact address, and graphics in your choicest colors and give […]

Why marketers rely on Horse Care Magnets to make their brand promo a runaway success

Customized 3.12x3.5 in Horse Shaped Horse Care Full Color Magnets 20 mil

Custom horse care magnets make highly effective promotional giveaways to promote a range of business lines including horse care services, vets, breeders, boarders, groomers, and pet sitters, who wish to get their business noticed. These high quality horse care magnets will easily make your business messages stick in the minds of your prospective clients.Being a […]