Stock Shaped Custom Magnets

Stock Shaped Custom Magnets

We offer an extensive collection of in-house stock-shaped magnets (as opposed to the Die Cut) that meet the needs of most advertisers. Our custom magnets come in any shape, design, or pattern, including food-shaped, animal-shaped, ribbon-shaped, vehicle-shaped, and more. We deliver customized magnets with a professional design and PMS Full color printing. Our stock-shaped magnet selection continues to grow with new magnets added daily.

All Shapes Custom Magnets Made In USA

We do understand that marketing your business or building trust around your name or brand can be expensive and requires lots of efforts. Our custom shaped magnets offer you greater choice to size down the investment, save on efforts and shape up your brand in an effective way. We offer variety of designs and you can choose from them depending on the type of business you own. You can personalize these magnets with brand details and business contact information. These wholesale personalized magnets make a good long term investment because they are made to perform.

Be it a church, college, gelato, or ice cream shop, pizzeria, school, office, political campaign, or anything - we can serve all with our vast collection of customized shape magnets. Hundreds of our promotional magnets are organized in 30+ main shape groups and marketers can make their choice depending on their niche. Our collection includes business cards, calendars and many typical save the date magnets. The best thing is these customized magnets are offered at the same price as your regular square, circle, triangle or rectangle shaped magnet.

These promotional shaped magnets offer big exposure and keep customers hooked to your brand for a long time. They empower you with liberty of saying “hello” to your customer every day from their refrigerator doors.

You can utilize these custom magnets for sharing brand information on a broad scale, charming customers within their own comfort space or moving your loved ones by making some specialized personal announcements. These personalized shaped magnets are sure to catch attention from their surface of affixation.

Logo imprinted customized shaped magnets are extremely budget-friendly and they are equally easy to hand out and distribute. You can either hand them out during purchases as a compliment or mail them to your targeted or existing customers. Apart from our special bulk order pricing benefits, marketers can avail benefits of free design assistance and, free online proof.  You can call us at 855-762-4638 or reach out to us at