Rectangle & Square Magnets

Rectangle & Square Magnets

Rectangle and square magnets offer you large advertising space to position branding messages and graphics such as mascot or logo and slogans, credible information, etc. These printed magnets are offered in a variety of sizes with 20 MIL and 30 Mil thicknesses with square or round corners. Whether used as refrigerator magnets or car magnets, these customized rectangle and square magnets are sure to capture attention. Free  design, art assistance and art set up always!

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Rectangle Magnets

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Are you tired of squaring or rounding off with the competition? Do you feel you are always pushed aside in the game? You should start working with these personalized square and rectangle magnets to convert your failures into success.

Although these square or rectangle magnets may seem as an extension of yesteryears paper cards, they are an affordable and effective choice for promoting your business. These promotional magnets are preferred for popularizing business messages because marketers know that people are sure to notice them. Being an affordable, lightweight and compact promotional item, these custom magnets are easy to work with and can easily be managed over refrigerator doors, file cabinets and car surfaces (30 Mil outdoor magnets). Get them imprinted in full colors like you want it.

These customized magnets offer you long term visibility even after the campaign ends. You can count upon these custom printed square and rectangle magnets at any time to take your branding to a higher level. You can easily enjoy a better market position after investing with these custom magnets.

Do you want to add your personal images to these custom square magnets as gift favors? No problem! You can make any occasion memorable by using these custom square or rectangle magnets.

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