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    1.75x7 Custom Square or Round Edge Magnets

    1.75x7 Custom Square or Round Edge Magnets

    Custom 1.75x 7 square or round edge magnets are sure to shift focus on your brand from your competitor. Produced from high quality magnetic material, these made in USA magnets are sure to impress with their healthy, sturdy and surface –friendly construction. These large custom magnets are perfect for packing maximum branding information. Full –color imprint option allows marketers to match their brand logo, mascots, or other graphics with their original marketing collateral. Fastest turnaround time.

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    Customized rectangle magnets – 1.5 x 7 is perfect for promoting any new business, awareness event, social organization, community service and more. These magnets lend justice to information imprinted against them due to their large stock size. Being largely affordable, we process large orders from across various industrial verticals.

    Whether sent as a mailer or handed out as an acknowledgement token during promotional event, awareness event or social event, these magnets are sure to strike chords within the intended viewer. We offer attractive wholesale pricing benefits for these magnets, which makes them a suitable choice for bulk gifting.

    If you require a powerful branding presentation for your business and don’t know how to go about it, we can help you. You can get in touch with our team and convey your requirements and we can design a branding material for you from scratch. If you already possess a branding art proof, please send it to us at or attach it at the end of checkout confirmation page.

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