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    3x5 Magnets

    3x5 Magnets

    Custom 3x5 magnets empower you to feature over your competitors at no extra price. Perfect for promoting your business, building awareness in people about some event, occasion, or for making some special announcement of life such as a wedding, graduation, etc. These printed 3x5 magnets give you better ROI than plain regular marketing materials. We offer full color printing, which makes it easier for marketers to add realistic tint to their campaigns.

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    Rectangular custom magnets – 3 x5 allow you to tread over the competition with their enormity and durability. Printed magnets score over regular marketing materials, with their purpose and amusement value. As you might see people soon grow bored of regular promotional flyers and pamphlets imprinted with beautiful graphics, but they rarely get over these magnets imprinted with colorful graphics. They know, if not anything else, they can at least use it over refrigerator as a colorful refrigerator art. These magnets are cost effective and purposeful, which allow you to grow your bottom line and business, without overspending.

    With, the price you pay is the price you see, while ordering. There are no hidden charges. We offer corporate branding kit including –customization, online design proof and art set up, all for FREE with this product as with all other products under rectangle and square magnets. You aren’t charged for extra colors or mock-ups! Doesn’t that sounds cool??! You can stay at peace by knowing that these magnets are made in USA and are lead-free, durable, and powerful. Custom 3x5 Mothers Day magnets and 3x5 dog care round corner magnets are some popular choices under this category. You can employ it for targeting wide section of demographics including grownups, children, and senior citizens.

    If you have high expectations from this magnet and wish to know in which all ways, it can be utilized, pick up your phone and give us a call at 855-762-4638.

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