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    7x10 Square or Round Edge Magnets

    7x10 Square or Round Edge Magnets

    7x10 square or round edge magnets work for all those marketers and individuals who are passionate about influencing others. Custom rectangle magnets are largely preferred by brands for conveying their branding information. We offer great price savings on bulk orders of these custom magnets and marketers can employ them for impression building during mass events. Perfect for save the dates, bulk mailers, tradeshow gifting, and complementary gifting any time of the year. Made in USA magnets.

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    7x10 custom rectangle magnets have become the preferred value building choice for marketers who wish to gain firm footage in the niche fast and easily. With such fierce niche competition, people tend to forget brands easily. PPAI studies suggest that

    -70% of people remember brands, which gave them useful promotional gifts -
    76% of them nursed positive attitude towards the brand, which acknowledged them appropriately.
    -52% people bought from the brand, which gave them a promotional gift

    If you want to grab leads and appreciation with no major efforts, then it is perfect to invest in large and durable promotional magnet 7x10 square or round edge magnet. You can get it imprinted with any regular or special brand information before gifting. People would be happier to receive a colorful promotional magnet, which transforms their bare refrigerator doors and car bumpers. It makes dull surfaces worth looking and at times become a true mood-buster.

    We offer 7x10 custom rectangle magnets in 20 MIL and 30 Mil thicknesses and you can choose them as per your requirement and budget. You can expect long-term stay in homes by selecting custom magnets with 20 MIL thicknesses. You can expect to attract many people to your business by opting for custom rectangle car magnets 30 Mil.

    Avail free corporate branding package involving free art setup, free online design proof and free artwork assistance. 

    You can contact our customer service team @ toll free number 855-762-4638 or write to us at to know more about these promotional magnets.

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