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    5x2.67 Magnets

    5x2.67 Magnets

    Custom 5x 2.67 square or round edge magnets are sure to impress over refrigerator doors and car doors, when customized with information in attractive colors. It is perfect for marketers looking ways to charm families and customers on move because we offer them in 20 MIL & 35 Mil thicknesses. Produced from high quality magnetic material, which is fade resistant and possesses powerful magnetic backing, these customized magnets are to last than cheaper promotional items. Made in USA.

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    Personalized rectangle magnets 5x 2.67 square or round edge magnets have gained footage as “budget- friendly impression builder.” It comes as no surprise that marketers are ordering them more than before. They are involving it for making some special business announcements such as one pertaining to sales, discounts, and more. Many marketers are trying to make it an extension of their business.

    People pay attention towards quality of promotional gift and it does not really matter, whether it is small or big, unless it serves their purpose. This means a quality promotional gift is going to act in your favor. You can expect same type of interaction and involvement with this promotional rectangle magnet, too. It wows users with its quality, strong magnetic backing, and lead-free construction. After receiving this magnet during the next tradeshow and using it over their refrigerator doors or car doors, your customers are sure to think high about your brand and they won’t sharing their brand wisdom either! Therefore, you can receive free marketing by indulging these rectangular magnets.

    You can save on online design proof and art setup because their prices are inclusive. To know more about these best selling custom rectangle magnets 5x 2.67 square or round edges , feel free to contact our team at 855-762-4638 or mail us at

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