1.75x9.75 Magnets

1.75x9.75 Magnets

Custom 1.75 x 9.75 square or round edge magnets would easily help you to get closer to your customers. You can employ them for attracting families and people on -drive because these magnets are sure to attract with their elongated, slender shape. Offered in three thickness sizes – 35 Mil ( UV safe) , 25 MIL & 20 MIL ( refrigerator magnet), these personalized magnets can be employed for indoor and outdoor campaign. At custommagnetsdirect.com, we only stock lead-free, made in USA magnets, which are durable & reliable.

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1.75x9.75 Custom Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners
as low as $0.308
100 Magnets for $102.80
1.75x9.75 Customized Indoor Magnets 30 Mil Square Corners
as low as $0.396
100 Magnets for $113.60

Logo printed promotional magnets 1.75 x 9.75 would continue to highlight your brand for years to come. These magnets are produced from high quality magnetic materials, which are resourced from various states in USA. Everyone right from a business owner to fundraiser charity to social organization to community program can seek benefits from these promotional rectangle magnets. Because it lends them great space for imprinting their contact information and business messages.

Custom magnets 1.75x 9.75 are perfect for gifting during on all those occasions, attended by a huge mass of people. Marketers can easily manage these lightweight magnets within bags and ensure that people accept their business information happily. Although, promotional magnets are crafted to perform, but marketers can get these done tastefully in colors of their choice, making best use of four-color process.

Free corporate branding package is an exclusive benefit of buying from Custommagnetsdirect.com. Corporate branding package includes – free art assistance, free online design proof and free art setup. You can always approach our graphics team at 855-762-4638 or write to us at info@custommagnetsdirect.com to know more about the same.

You can attach your worked online design proof at the end of order confirmation page or send it to us at art@custommagnetsdirect.com.