9.75x5.62 Square or Round Edge Magnets

9.75x5.62 Square or Round Edge Magnets

9.75 x 5.62 square or round edge magnets are perfect for attracting customers from closer and long distances. Offered in 35 Mil, 25 MIL, & 20 MIL, these custom rectangle magnets are perfect for advertising over refrigerator surfaces and car doors. 9.75 x 5.62 magnetic refrigerator calendars are one of the most ordered items. Wholesale 9.75 x 5.62 personalized rectangle magnets are perfect for marketers who are aiming mass distribution during tradeshows and other events. Made in USA magnets.

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9.75x5.62 Custom Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners
as low as $0.892
250 Magnets for $502.25
9.75x5.62 Customized Indoor Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners
as low as $1.177
250 Magnets for $451.00

5.62 x 9.75 custom rectangle magnets make an indulging promotional choice for marketers who are trying hard to grab attention in intensifying niche competition. This magnet lends them a big imprint space and a vast palette of colors because we offer free full color printing. Additionally, if marketers feel that they should get creative with their campaigns, they can go for PMS color matching.

9.75x5.62 magnetic refrigerator calendar is well-suited for gifting during tradeshows, business conventions, conferences and other mass events as an acknowledgement token. It also makes a great complimentary token during the New Year because people always love receiving calendars. It also suits couples who are looking forward to announce their wedding or searching for some wedding favor. Being low priced, they can easily avail it for bulk gifting. Additionally, they can save on art setup, online design proof, and artwork assistance.

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