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    4x9 Square or Round Edge Magnets

    4x9 Square or Round Edge Magnets

    Custom 4x9 magnets help you to capitalize and prioritize your business information in a very impressive manner. You can use the large canvas for imprinting more than just regular business information. Makes a perfect choice for imprinting business calendars, save the dates, coupons, and many more. Save on customization, and online design proof because their prices are included. Save more by ordering these custom rectangle magnets in bulk.

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    Advertising a business is not easy and it takes a helluva of efforts & money to succeed. You can make a difference to that attitude by investing in these large custom rectangle magnets 4x9. These magnets not only help to save on efforts, but also help to save on future campaigns? How? By lending large imprint space and with strong magnetic backing, which keeps them in service for a long time.

    Colorful imprinted personalized magnets are loved for their aesthetic appeal and are retained as refrigerator art or car art. Do you know color promotional magnets are pitted on refrigerator doors in over 80% US households? People reciprocate positively, when they see a thing regularly and these promotional magnets inspire them to do so.

    Often criticized to be slightly costlier, but these large rectangle magnets largely affordable in the sense that they remain in service for long. Most small budget marketers can sideline with these promotional rectangle magnets because these help them to pack as much information as they can. In addition, these marketers can get creative by employing the benefits of full color printing.

    Do you wish to know more about exploiting these large custom 4x9 magnets call us on 855-762-4638 or reach out to us through mail at

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