2x3.5 Magnets

2x3.5 Magnets

Custom 2 x 3.5 magnets are largely for brand building by marketers because it easily grabs attention with its size. Customized 2 x 3.5 square/round edge magnets are a popular choice for business cards, save the date magnets, announcement tokens, etc. These custom magnets are designed for sharing special, typical, unique, personal, or regular information of any kind. Custom magnets of this size can be availed in 35 Mil (UV safe), 25 MIL, and 20 MIL- depending on the requirement.

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Round Corner

Square Corner

Customized rectangle magnets 2 x 3.5 square/round edge magnets are perfect for distribution during tradeshows and other business events because they are large, lightweight, and adorable. You can get these magnets imprinted with brand logos, announcements, contact details, website details or anything and that too in colors of your choice. We offer full color imprint process, which allows marketers to choose from a wide palette of colors.

Custom magnets 2 x3.5 can be offered as a promotional gift along with purchases or they can be sent to your guests, clients, or customers as mailers. Only high quality resourced magnetic materials are used in production of these magnets, which makes them highly preferable choice for promoting amongst wide demographics. Everyone right from an individual to a business organization to independent services can find purpose with these magnets.

We believe that business is a reciprocal process; that is why, we are offering free corporate branding package with this product and all others on this website. To know more about this aspect contact our customer service department at 855-762-4638 or write to us at info@custommagnetsdirect.com to know more about the same.