1.5x8.5 Magnets

1.5x8.5 Magnets

Custom 1.5x 8.5 square or round edge magnets are the ones, if you wish to make your business messages seen inside and outside homes. This high quality, durable made in USA rectangle 1.5x 8.5 magnets are offered in 20 MIL, 25 MIL and 35 Mil thicknesses, which means, you can use them for attracting family as well as other drivers on the road.  Free art assistance package including online design proof and art setup offered.

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Square Corner

1.5x8.5 Custom Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners
as low as $0.209
250 Magnets for $217.25

Custom printed 1.5x 8.5 square or round edge magnets can be efficiently utilized for positioning your brand details, sharing personal details, and spreading social awareness on some subject. These lead-free magnets are well suited for bulk gifting because huge discounts are offered on wholesale orders. This means, you can employ them for gifting during tradeshows, street fairs, community events or even send them as promotional mailers.

Custom magnets square or rounded edges 1.5 x 8.5 grabs attention due to its shape and we can help you to pack maximum information against it, in colors of your choice. With our 4-color imprint process, you can stay committed to you original brand theme.

If you are puzzled about the right way of positioning your business information within this constrained space, we can easily help you out. Our team can do corporate positioning for you for FREE. We can build your brand identity from scratch without any hidden fees.

If you already have an art proof ready, you can mail it to us at art@custommagnetsdirect.com or attach it at the end of order confirmation page.

To know more about this product and its effectiveness in your campaign, please feel free to contact us at 855-762-4638 or write to us at info@custommagnetsdirect.com.