3.5x7 Magnets

3.5x7 Magnets

Custom 3.5x7 magnets are becoming advertisers choice because it lends them ample advertising space and helps them to position their brand appropriately. You can get it freely customized with your brand logo, graphics, and slogans . Custom 3.5 x 7 round corner calendar magnets are popular items in this category. With full color printing, you can ensure longevity to your business information.

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3.5x7 Custom Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners
as low as $0.308
100 Magnets for $102.80

Standard custom magnets – 3.5 x7 are a popular choice for imprinting calendars and are sought by schools, pizzerias, restaurants, and many others. Crafted from non-allergic and high quality vinyl magnetic materials, these magnets are perfect for sending messages. Marketers who are yet to strike gold with their investments can give it a try due to its exceptionally high success rate.

It is always alleged that larger things come with “big price tag,” however, that is not true with this magnet because it is offered in the cheaper price tag. You can cut down investments by bulk ordering these magnets. At such lower prices, it easily a must –have gift for any tradeshow or mass events. You can hand them as an individual gift or as a compliment or envelope them and send as a mailer depending on the choice.

Whether you are looking for a token for indoor advertising or outdoor marketing, you can rest your hopes on these custom printed rectangle magnets offered in 20 MIL and 35 Mil thicknesses. Magnets with 35 Mil thicknesses are great for outdoor advertising because they are covered with UV safe material, which makes it fade, water and heat resistant.

To know more about the promotional aspects of this magnet, feel free to reach out to 855-762-4638 or mail at info@custommagnetsdirect.com.