3.2x5 Magnets

3.2x5 Magnets

Custom 3.2x 5 magnets are “attention builders” in all true senses. Many marketers who were struggling to be seen or accepted are having good whale of time by investing in this magnet because they know its enormity is surely going to work in their favor. Offered in extremely cheaper prices, marketers are keen on investing in these custom magnets in bulk because we offer discounts on wholesale orders. Fastest turnaround time 

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You might have already spent several sleepless nights thinking “how to make your campaign stick in their homes or their cars”. With these customized 3.2x 5 square or round edge magnets offered in 30 Mil & 20 MIL- you can easily employ them for featuring over cars or fridge doors. Magnets with 30 Mil thicknesses are UV safe and created to perform against all odds, which means they are water, wind and heat resistant. Custom rectangle magnets with 20 MIL are best for long-term indoor promotions with later ones easily performing functions such as holding papers and pictures, etc. With some smart imprints, marketers can elongate the shelf life of these magnets. People are sure to retain them as a refrigerator art.

At custommagnetsdirect.com, you can save on art set up and online design proof because their rates are inclusive. 

If you wish to discuss about this product, its promotional success and your design, feel free to reach out to our team at 855-762-4638 or mail us at info@custommagnetsdirect.com.