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    Animal Shaped Magnets

    Animal Shaped Magnets

    Custom animal shaped magnets are perfect for promoting your company or brand over refrigerator doors and metal surfaces across homes in USA. Custom butterfly shaped magnets, custom dog shaped magnets and custom cow shaped magnets are the most popular animal shaped refrigerator magnets. These custom shaped refrigerator magnets easily become business cards and double up as amusement tokens. Make them extra customer-friendly and adorable by availing benefits of free full-color printing! Made in USA.

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    Custom animal shaped fridge magnets allow you to stand distinct in the competition due to their mesmerizing shapes. These are perfect for approaching vast customer segment comprising of kids, grown-ups, and senior citizens. Pet care is a favorite topic for many Americans. You can easily employ these custom shaped magnets for achieving that priority.

    Personalized animal shaped magnets make a perfect gifting choice for pet shops, pet owners, animal rights crusaders and more. With such as vast collection of custom shaped magnets in shapes of animals, you are sure to find your match. Perfect for gifting during tradeshows, animal shows, pet programs, and regular in-store promotions!

    Most of these animal shaped magnets score high on cuteness factor and offer you a humane canvas for printing your business name. It can be used for raising attention on pet care, selling your pet care supplies, triggering animal issues or acknowledging your pet friendly customers.

    If you wish to know more about promotional and personalization aspects of these customized animal shaped magnets, feel free to contact our team at 855-762-4638 or mail at [email protected]

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