Magnetic Business Cards

Reasons to Select Business Card Magnets

Restaurant Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Business cards are a traditional way for communication between commerce and customers. These are exchanged to customers directly by officers. But, these cards do not offer long life and that people may easily forget them. Business card magnets have been created to cover up this limitation with its high durable quality design. Business card magnets […]

Magnetic Business Cards- Make Your Contact Details Stay Longer

2x3.5 Custom Printed Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Business cards are thought to have been originated way back in the 15th century in China. Ever since then, these ubiquitous cards have undergone a lot of transformations. Is it not amazing to note that measuring just 3 ½ x 2 inches, these business cards that carry the contact details and phone numbers of marketers […]

How Magnetic Business Cards Will Leave the Best Impression For Your Brand

2x3.5 Custom Restaurant Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Every business strives to stay ahead of the competition to succeed. No matter which industry line you are in, to come up to the top, you have to plan innovative marketing strategies and techniques that will make their services and products attractive to customers. One of the tried and tested and budget friendly techniques to […]

Make your business card fridge magnets unique

Last week was refreshing and fulfilling because I happened to learn about the utility value of business card fridge magnets. The term was easier to understand, but it never came to my thoughts to replace the paper business cards with business card refrigerator magnets.  I actually got bonded to this thought of extending magnetic business […]

Custom magnetic business card styles for liaising business communication

There are print advertisements, media advertisements, and various other promotional materials, but the demand for business card still remains high. People may trash these cards by calling it a junk; still businessmen never cease to hand them during expos and trade fairs. Have you ever thought, what makes them popular? It’s of course their authentic […]

Promotional Aspects of Business Card Magnets

Business card magnets are just like regular business cards. They contain the same information you would find such as name, contact info, website and a brief description of services. The payout is often times identical. The only difference between traditional business cards and business card magnets is the material they are made out of and […]

Magnetic Business Cards – Real Boost to Business

Whatever business you are doing in whichever location; perfect marketing is needed to obtain remarkable growth in business. Business cards are used as a bridge between the company and its clients. These cards have an important value among corporate even if modern marketing techniques are there. These cards are now picked up and magnetized to […]

Business Card Magnets | Bring Success to Your Business

Business cards are essential for any companies or products. These are needed to make your products more familiar among users worldwide. These business cards speak out aspects of products and services to people who own it. The business card magnets are one step above traditional business cards. These are been popular promotion tools from last […]

How to Make A Magnetic Business Card For Yourself?

Business cards are must to have introductory tools for every person in business. They help announcing the presence of a brand in the market also helps people reminding of the products and services of a particular brand by being before their eyes, when they are in need. Business cards are traditional way of getting connected […]

How Business Cards Magnets Become the Latest Marketing Idea?

Products change over time, business world changes, so is marketing strategies and promotional tools. The traditional products have to give way to newer materials and only what comply with the preferences of people and trends of time may withstand in the market. Many products used in the older times as innovative are now fully forgotten […]