House Shaped Magnets

House Shaped Indoor Magnets – Great Handouts For Property Professionals

Printed House Shaped Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Realtors need to get the promotional message stick with their audience to set off referrals  and the much desired word of mouth publicity.  Buying a home is a very important decision for most people as it involves the bulk of their life time savings.  Home owners cannot afford to make any mistake in choosing a […]

House Shaped Magnets – Drive Home Your Promotional Message In Style

3.5x2.5 Custom House Shape New Year Magnets 20 Mil

The realtor industry is upbeat and vibrant with more new generation buyers entering the fray and an increased demand for unexplored, suburban properties. Reports suggest that 17% of customers under 35 year were successful in saving for down payments to buy their own homes during this year. With the US economy poised to maintain an […]

How to use These House Shaped Magnets to Promote your Realtor Business?

Custom 4x3.5 House Shaped Full Color Calendar Magnet 20 mil

Drive home your business message in style with these delightful house shaped magnets. These are perfect promotional hand outs for real estate marketers, contractors, banks, mortgage companies, insurance agents and many more. Available in a range of adorable sizes and shapes including the ever popular calendars, house shaped magnets will promote all types of realtor […]

5 Reasons to Choose House Shaped Magnets

Every advertiser knows the importance of framing right business message and promoting it. What if you are realtor, and wish to promote your business amongst masses? How about trying out custom shaped house shaped magnets? This easy recognizable magnetic promotion tool jumps to aid of these realtors and mortgage brokers announcing “Just here to fulfill […]