5 Reasons to Choose House Shaped Magnets

Every advertiser knows the importance of framing right business message and promoting it. What if you are realtor, and wish to promote your business amongst masses? How about trying out custom shaped house shaped magnets? This easy recognizable magnetic promotion tool jumps to aid of these realtors and mortgage brokers announcing “Just here to fulfill all your real estate needs”.

This magnet can be customized with your contact information, name, and advertising slogan. People will always take extra interest in pinning them over their refrigerator doors due to their “easy going shape”.  There are many other reasons, which work in the favor of this specific promotional magnet. Here are 5 reasons, why each real estate agent should consider utilizing the services of the custom home shaped magnet for his promotions –

  • Global appeal – Home is a prime necessity for every being on the earth, and everyone strives hard to fulfill this basic requirement in one form or the other. The globally accepted shape of house is the prime reason why customers are drawn to the magnet at an instant. They will surely find ways to showcase it at visible places.
  • Cost Effectiveness – The house shaped magnet is cost effective than other magnetic promotional materials because it serves multiple utilities. Most of the realtors double it up as a magnetic calendar and their business card. This not only adds a specific dimension to their business messages but also boosts their brand appeal.
  • Creative Intervention – You might have some restrictions while dealing with other types of promotional magnets, but there are lots of creative interludes, when it comes to “homely” magnets. Advertisers can choose from building shaped full color magnets, house shaped calendar magnets, real estate calendar magnets, and so on. These custom magnets can be easily customized with suitable business information. Also, the realtors can choose to introduce their own business magnets in varying styles.
  • Visibility – Today, customers always prefer to accept only those promotional gifts which offer them high utility as well helps to memorize the brand information in a better way. A home shaped magnet with added features such as calendars or business cards, have been in demand for last few years because they are simply loved by the customers. A homely magnet is generally utilized for indoor promotions but some advertisers also prefer to utilize them for outdoor promotions due to the high visibility that they offer.
  • Winning Edge – Some realtors choose to leap a step ahead by customizing these home shaped magnets in specific shapes and sizes because they want to differentiate themselves from others providing the same services. These magnets have helped many realtors to create a distinct identity of their own.

Tip of the Theme – A home can survive any natural and forced attack only and only if its foundation is laid strong, similarly a realtor can find success only and only if he chooses to market through right custom house shaped magnet.

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