School Calendar Magnets

Top 5 Custom School Calendar Magnets to Remember the dates in the New School Year

3.5x4 Custom School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

School calendar magnets will make it easy for students and teachers to keep track of their exam schedules, home work and more. A smart substitute of the old world paper calendars, these magnetic models will never get damaged or misplaced. It will remain in plain view of the school community all through the school year […]

Custom School Calendar Magnets- The Smartest Way to Stay Organized

4x7 Custom School Schedules Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

The school year is in its final lap and while students look forward to their summer holidays, school administrators get busy with promotional activities for the next academic year. School calendar magnets will make a great way to promote your institution and build up a buzz before the next academic session. Calendar magnets carry all […]

School Calendar Magnets 2013: Signaling new Change in School Promotions


2013 is just on the way and all are busy to welcome the New Year with bang. School authorities belong to the league of busiest because they are in rush to organize semester calendars and to hand it over to students after the winter break. These authorities can chance upon school calendar magnets because they […]

Specialized School Calendar Magnets for Children

Whether for keeping reminders of some special moments in life or for promoting new brands, Calendar Magnets are always useful. We are familiar with different type of calendar magnets ranging from Promotional Calendar Magnets, Business Card Magnets to Photo Calendar Magnets. School calendar magnets are new and useful products for our dearest little pals and […]

School Calendar Magnets to Keep Track with Academic Schedule

School calendar magnets are essential items for every student to keep track of the academic schedules. There will important dates of examinations, deadlines for submitting research works etc… A calendar is a helpful academic tool which should be added to the academic accessories of every student. There are several benefits for a school calendar magnet. […]