Custom Shaped Magnets

Custom  Shaped Magnets- Stand Out In The Competition


 Custom shaped magnets will stand out from the rest of the crop of  magnets on the refrigerator doors and get your message pop. Shaped magnets are  a fun way to spread the word and are perfect for placing on garage doors, refrigerator doors, school white boards, dishwashers, refrigerators, or any other magnetic surface. These full […]

Get  Your Brand Stand out with Unique Shaped  Custom  Magnets

Printed Pizza Slice Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Shaped magnets will easily double pull as business cards during networking events and store promotions. Apart from popularizing your brand, these logo magnets will get you new leads and set off word of mouth publicity as well.  Handing out custom shaped magnets will make a fun way to get your recipients remember your brand and […]

 Why Your Business Needs Custom Shaped Magnets To Stand Out And Get Spotted!

Printed Pizza Slice Shape Magnets 20 Mil

If you thought all magnets look alike – in familiar square or rectangle shapes, you could be pleasantly surprised to know about shaped magnets  and die cut magnets. Why shaped magnets Studies show that shapes are registered by the human brains much faster than text and words. So, why not use pick up a custom […]

House Shaped Magnets- The Ideal Marketing Gifts For Real Estate Businesses

House Shaped Magnets- The Ideal Marketing Gifts For Real Estate Businesses

There is a cozy charm and a warm feel about homes! People cherish the thought of getting back to the safety and comfort of their homes after a long day at work to enjoy the warmth and bonds of relationships. Someone has quite rightly said that home is where one’s heart is! These home shaped […]

Shaped Magnets Make Great Handouts For Pizza Fest

1.875x2.625 Custom Pizza Slice Shape Magnets

Americans are obsessed with pizza- the most popular snack in this part of the world! With countless pizzerias dotting every street, we have a sumptuous fare of lip smacking flavors and fillings.  Americans even celebrate a Pizza fest on June 1st at Ankeny, IA every year, which unleashes a fun tide of games, food and […]

Shaped Magnets Make Great Handouts On Dessert Day

Printed Ice Cream Cone Shape Magnets 20 Mil

What is the best way to round off a meal? Desserts of course! Every one of us loves to dig into the smooth and soft flavors of these delicacies. So, if you happen to be an ice cream or dessert shop owner, this is the best day for you to highlight your brand and promote […]

Custom Shaped Magnets – Make Your Brand Stand Out Like Never Before!

Cupcake Shaped Magnets - 25 Mil

Magnets  have a mysterious charm about it. These have a great staying power on metallic surfaces like filing cabinets and refrigerators. Anything imprinted on shaped magnets is hard to miss because of its unique shape that will impress everyone. Offered in a wide range of shapes right from pizza to pet paws and more, these […]

Custom Shaped Magnets – Tangible Brand Reminders That Never Fail!

1.75x2 Personalized Bread Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Images and shapes get registered in human brains faster than text. That is one of the reasons that make shaped magnets a run-away hit. Convey your message in the simplest way possible and stay on top of your customer’s minds. For instance, can there be a better way to promote your bakery than these bread […]

How Custom Shaped Magnets Help You Build A Brand

1.87x2 Custom Printed Balloon Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Your brand stands for the values and principles of your business. A powerful brand image would mean that it has succeeded in meeting the expectations of your audience. Brand building will help you to reinforce your business relations and stand out in the competition. Brand building may take a lot of time. However the more […]

Sold Sign Custom Magnets Make Powerful Advertisements- Know why!

2.25x2.75 Custom Real Estate Sold Sign Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Realtors often need to brag about their track records and achievements to draw customers. In a highly competitive market niche and they often rely on word of mouth publicity for an effective brand promotion. Custom sold sign magnets have always been an effective way to highlight the track record of realtors and to announce their […]