Custom Shaped Magnets

Custom Shaped Magnets- The Closest Your Customers Can Get to Your Product Line

2.37x2.12 Custom Printed Small Heart Shaped Magnets 25 Mil

The immense popularity of custom shaped magnets prove that shapes and colors attract customers more than print or billboards. It will make a tangible reminder of your products that will inspire your customers to come back to your brand more often. Shaped magnets are offered in countless popular and even quirky shapes, which makes it […]

Score A Perfect Promotional Goal With Custom Sports Shaped Magnets

3 Inch Custom Soccer Ball Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Most marketers think that effective promotions can cost them a fortune and this may even make them shy away from making a serious marketing effort. People always have the idea that promotional gifts do not bring any results and long term benefits. We have a custom product that is budget friendly and highly effective in […]

Tear Away The Competition With Our Cost Effective Tooth Shaped Magnets

2.5x3.5 Custom Printed Tooth Shaped Magnets 25 Mil

Survival of the fittest is the norm of the highly competitive business world! Where there is business there will be competition; and how smart you turn out to be in staying ahead in the competition is what makes or breaks businesses. Dentists like any other business niche needs custom gifts that are both interesting and […]

Things You May Not Have Known About Shaped Magnets

Things You May Not Have Known About Shaped Magnets

Fresh promotional gifts and business ideas will never fail to grab the attention of your clients. So, if you are planning to do something different to bring in new clients, look no further than shaped magnets. To stand out in the sea of brands that jostle for space in front of their audience you need […]

Custom Shaped Magnets- Shape Your Promotional Campaign The Way You Wish!

2.25x2.875 Logo Imprinted Ice Cream Cone Shaped Magnets - 25 Mil

An ideal advertising campaign should drive up the brand awareness of businesses and lure your recipients walk into your brand and purchase your product. The best way to do that will be handing out custom gifts that bear your brand and message. Unlike billboards and newspaper ads that have only a very short shelf life, […]

Ribbon Magnets – The Awareness Campaign Staples Of All Times

2.6875x2.25 Custom Awareness Ribbon Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Ribbon magnets are the universally accepted and one of the most recognizable tokens for awareness campaigns. Every year scores of awareness campaigns take place and for marketers who wish to participate in these campaigns will find custom ribbon magnets a great choice. Offered in a range of colors to denote a specific cause, awareness magnets […]

Airplane Shaped Custom Magnets Make Perfect Handouts To Celebrate National Aviation Day

1.75x2.56 Custom Airplane Shaped Air Travel Magnets 20 Mil

August 19th, is observed as National Aviation Day in the United States falls on the birthday of one of the Wright brothers, Orville Wright who along with his sibling Wilbur made significant contributions to powered flight. It is a great occasion to celebrate the legacy and development of the aviation industry. Schools organize classroom activities […]

December Is National Tie Month- Plan Your Promotions


December is National Tie month, which means it’s time to get rid of ugly ties, recycle or donate ties you no longer use and more. It is a great time to spread the news, raise funds for schools and more. The legacy is that the first available evidence of neckties date back to Shih Huang […]

Make Your Brand More Appetizing With Custom Hamburger Shaped Magnets

24x18 Custom Burger Magnetic Car Truck Auto Vehicle Signs Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

From the pumpkin pies of Halloween season to the turkey dishes and sweet potato salads of Thanksgiving and the big fat Christmas dinner menu, the holiday season is all about parties and dinner events. So, can there be a better time to employ these burger shaped magnets to promote your fast food business? These unique […]

What Makes Custom Magnets A Favorite Choice Of Everyone?

1.75x1.87 Personalized Mouth Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Custom magnets make a staple in most promotional campaigns as these are affordable, appealing and above all long lasting. Custom magnets are stuck to some of the most visible places that ensure regular logo impressions for your brand. Did you know that custom magnets ensure more visibility than a freeway billboard? Promotional magnets get stuck […]