Airplane Shaped Custom Magnets Make Perfect Handouts To Celebrate National Aviation Day

August 19th, is observed as National Aviation Day in the United States falls on the birthday of one of the Wright brothers, Orville Wright who along with his sibling Wilbur made significant contributions to powered flight. It is a great occasion to celebrate the legacy and development of the aviation industry. Schools organize classroom activities and projects on aviation and create awareness about the career opportunities in aviation industry. Flying clubs and museums can promote this day by handing out appropriate custom gifts to their patrons. Airline companies can think of promoting special deals and offers, conduct mass contact programs and mailer campaigns to increase their base customers.

1.75x2.56 Custom Airplane Shaped Air Travel Magnets 20 Mil

Airplane Shaped Air Travel Magnets will make a great handout to promote your air travel business or flying club on National Aviation Day. The conspicuous shape of the magnet will grab easy attention and curiosity from anyone who sees it. Customize these attractive magnets with your brand and message and see how these magnets will enjoy a permanent spot on the refrigerator doors of your recipients. Buying attention with its shape, design and utility value, these magnets will never stop working for your brand. Every time your recipients open their fridge doors, they will be tempted to take a closer look at these eye catching magnets that double up as fridge décor items.

Nobody can easily pluck their eyes off these full color magnets that easily. Imprint your brand and message on these and see how these logo items will make a talking billboard for your brand. These quirky refrigerator magnets will make great talking topics as well among anyone who sees it.

Here are some popular ways to use these airplane shaped magnets in your marketing mix

As mailer campaign items: Light weight and compact, these custom magnets are well suited for mailer campaigns and as small tokens of appreciations along with your business letters. Put your Aviation day wishes and message on these to make it a perfect promotional item for flying clubs, travel agents and airline companies.

As tradeshow handouts: Are you planning to set up a booth in an aviation themed tradeshow soon? These custom magnets will make perfect handouts for your attendees as magnets are well retained and will generate consistent impressions for your brand for a very long time.

As promotional gifts: Airplane shaped magnets will make a great promotional gift to promote aviation clubs and airline companies. Airline companies can handout these custom items to their regular customers while flying clubs will find this a perfect way to welcome new students.

How do you plan to celebrate National Aviation Day this year? Share your thoughts at our comments section.