July Is National Icecream Month – Celebrate With Themed Magnets

Did you know that July is celebrated as National Ice cream month? It is yet another question whether we need a specific month to celebrate these smooth delights, which people will love to eat in tons anytime anywhere! It is a great time for every icecream lovers to think about appropriate gifts to spread awareness about this quirky day and to promote their brand. Interestingly this day will make a perfect day to promote all types of brands and businesses as icecream is something that nobody can resist!


If you are still wondering how to go about it, here are some popular models of cone icecream shaped custom magnets that will make great tradeshow handouts and mailer items.

Ice Cream Cone Shape Magnets: Satiate the sweet tooth of your recipients with these beautiful ice cream cone shaped full color magnets. It will never miss a customer attention and will grab easy attention on the refrigerator doors or other visible metal surfaces within home and will stir up a lot of interest among anyone who sees it.

2.25x2.87 Custom Ice Cream Cone Shape Magnets 20 Mil

3×2.13 Custom Ice Cream Cone Shape Magnets: Wish to have a bigger scoop of icecream for your recipients? Check out these 3 x 2.13 custom cone shaped magnets that will literally leave your recipients drooling! These will make great custom gifts to promote icecream parlors, restaurants, fashion brands, game stores and a lot more. Put your brand on these and see how your brand promotion turns out to be a sweet affair.

3x2.13 Custom Ice Cream Cone Shape Magnets 20 Mil

New York Team One Hockey Schedule Bump Shape Ice Cream Parlor Magnets: Hand out the best of both the worlds of icecream and the hockey schedules of the favorite team of your recipients in the form of these attractive magnets. If icecream can make people happy, you can very well imagine how popular these icecream sports magnets will be among your audience. These will keep the happy hormones in full flow and keep the spirits of recipients. It will also offer a refreshing map route of your ice cream parlor to the recipients! Every time they see these tempting billboards they will surely reach out to you for the latest flavors and icecream treats. These will grab easy attention of everyone as these gaze down from the refrigerator magnets at cafes, homes or icecream parlors. It will make a great talking topic for everyone for sure. If you need a trending promotional item that will never fail to impress your audience, look no further than these attractive and easily recognizable cone shaped magnets

3.875x7.25 Custom One Team New York Team One Hockey Schedule Bump Shape Ice Cream Parlor Magnets 20 Mil

Need more? Just browse our collection of custom magnets and choose a model that suits your promotional theme.