Seasonal Magnets

Shop for the Spooky Handouts of Custom Halloween Magnets

12x18 Custom Halloween Car Truck Auto Vehicle Signs Outdoor Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Goblins, witches, black cats, spiders and skulls everywhere- Halloween is almost here and it is time to get spooky and scary! For those who are looking for low cost Halloween party favors will find these custom Halloween magnets a perfect pick. Imprint with haunted themes, quotes or messages and your recipients will surely scream out […]

Celebrate The Changing Colors Of Fall Season With Our Season Magnets

3.5x2 Custom Autumn Day Wedding Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Fall season is not about raking of leaves, brilliant fall colors and the Halloween pumpkin lanterns; it also makes a great opportunity for marketers to promote their brands and message and to kick start their holiday season promotions. Autumn brings along with it high pitch sports fun, outdoor events, concerts, festivals and more. Marketers who […]

Easter Announcement Magnets- Make Your Wishes Stay Forever

Easter Announcement Magnets- Make Your Wishes Stay Forever

Easter, also known as Resurrection Sunday, celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the culmination of a 40-day period of penance, prayer and fasting observed by Christians. It will be a perfect time for new beginning for your business and brand and our Easter Announcement Refrigerator Magnets will be the best gift to think about. […]

March 17th Is St.Patrick’s Day- Plan Your Promotions

March 17th Is St.Patrick’s Day- Plan Your Promotions

March 17th is Saint Patrick’s Day, a cultural and religious event to commemorate the death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. The day is observed with Irish themed parties featuring the drinks and food of Ireland, exchanging clover shaped or green colored gifts and more. People often wear green colored attires […]

Thanksgiving Magnets- The Best Way To Express Thanks To Your Friends And Colleagues


Thanksgiving, which falls on November 24th this year will make a perfect time for people to express thanks and appreciation to families, friends and above all to God for their successes and achievements. The main highlight of the celebrations is an elaborate dinner with a hearty meal of roasted turkey, pumpkin pies and other traditional […]

Make Your Fall-Season Marketing Successful With Custom Magnets


Fall season is here and for most people it is time to celebrate pumpkin flavors, fall foliage and to get spooky in all those Halloween costumes. For marketers who wish to employ a seasonal theme in their promotions, custom seasonal magnets will be a good choice. Celebrating the fall seasonality is not all about doling out […]

Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Magnets as Promotional and Personal Gifts- A Few Tips

2.37x2.12 Custom Announcement Small Heart Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Valentine’s Day need not always be chocolate gift boxes or bunches of red roses! Hand out some long lasting gifts like shaped magnets for your recipients as tokens of this special day. Here are some interesting tips to customize these heart shaped magnets to impart a personal touch and appeal to your gifts. No matter […]

Seasonal Magnets Are the Wonderful and Thoughtful Way to Reach Out To Your Customers

2x3.5 Custom New Year Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Holiday season has always been a busy season to all businesses and people. Do you know that as a business owner this is a season for you to get back to your clients and thanking them for being loyal to your business all throughout the year? Our Seasonal Magnets can be used as a holiday […]

Thanksgiving Magnets – 2014: What Is In the Store?

Thanksgiving Magnets

Thanksgiving is observed on the last Thursday of November and it is the time for sharing, family bonding, and traditional enlivenment. Americans love spending the day by thanking their family, friends, and god for all their spiritual and materialistic possessions. The celebrations begin at a dinner table with hearty meal of roasted turkey, pumpkin pies, […]

Gift your Mother a Emotionally Personalized Mothers Day Magnets on this Mothers Day

Mother, is the only being on earth whom you are indebt for the lifetime of love and affection that showers.  It is said a “diamond and chocolate” are enough to woo a woman, but you cannot woo a mother in her with any of these! This year, you can try to make her feel special […]