Seasonal Magnets Are Wonderful and Thoughtful Ways to Reach Out To Your Customers

Holiday season has always been a busy season to all businesses and people. Do you know that as a business owner this is a season for you to get back to your clients and thank them for being loyal to your business all throughout the year? Our Seasonal Magnets can be used as a holiday greeting to your existing customers. It is a simple thank you tool yet gives a great impact to its recipients.2x3.5 Custom New Year Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

During the holidays, we encourage you to grab the opportunity to order from our seasonal magnets. Take the holidays as an opportunity to thank your clients for always choosing your business or products.

Check the list below of the custom magnets that we offer under our seasonal magnets.

  • Christmas Announcements Magnets
    This is perfect for the Christmas season. Add your contact information and a little holiday a greeting then it is good to go. You will surely warm the hearts of your clients at the same time they will always remember you for your thoughtfulness. This in return will have a positive long term impact and effect on your business.
  • Easter Announcement Magnets
    These magnets can be customized giving you the opportunity to write whatever you want on the magnet. One can be availed for as low as $0.06.
  • Halloween Magnets
    If you want to join in the spooky fun of some clients, you may invest in these custom magnets for the Halloween. You may use it as an invitation as well if you plan to giveaway some candies and have your clients informed by giving them these magnets.
  • Thanksgiving Magnets
    Thankful enough for all your clients’ loyalty to your business? Hand them these custom magnets with your business information imprinted on it and add a little note to melt their hearts. It has been proven that 83% of people like to receive a promotional tool that comes with an advertising message. Let your clients know during the thanksgiving season that you are thankful for their loyalty. That will mean a lot to them and will have a great impact which will be favorable to you and your business.
  • New Year Magnets
    This is a perfect reminder for your customers for the upcoming year ahead. Ideally given during New Year. What a perfect way to start the year right with your clients by handing them these custom magnets as a gift at the same time a reminder of your owner-customer relationship.
  • Valentines Day Magnets
    Do not miss the opportunity to give back the love to your customers by handing them out these custom magnets. You may use it as a coupon or discount magnet as well. All you have to do is just write that information on these magnets since it is customizable. We have our graphic artists who will gladly assist you.

As a business owner, you always have to think of ways on how you can give back to your customers and by handing out these custom magnets that is a way of doing so. If you plan to order today and if it is your first time to order from us, we will gladly give you a 10% discount. Have this coupon code (TWCMD10) entered at the check out page. At the same time, we offer the shipping and art set-up for free. A little thank you will go a long way and it will have a great positive impact on your business.

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