Custom Valentines Day Magnets

Custom Valentines Day Magnets

Personalized Valentine’s Day magnets are perfect for Valentine’s Day promotions and they are sure to warm hearts as a symbol of ultimate respect and love that you feel for your loved ones. Love is an eternal expression and cupid can strike anywhere. This is why we say these loved -up magnets are perfect for year around gifting. You can get your logo, messages, and other information imprinted against any of these personalized seasonal magnets in colors of choice prior to gifting.

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2x3.5 Custom Valentine's Day Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners
as low as $0.074
100 Magnets for $46.00
3x4 Custom Be My Valentine Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners
as low as $0.218
50 Magnets for $74.50
3x5 Custom I Love You Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners
as low as $0.275
50 Magnets for $134.75
5x5 Custom Be My Valentine Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners
as low as $0.429
50 Magnets for $75.70

Custom Valentine’s Day magnets make an impressive asset in the arsenal of a marketer, eyeing huge revenues during the Valentine’s Day observed every year on February 14. In US, the holiday season starts with Thanksgiving and extends to last weeks of January. Valentine’s Day is the major celebration after the end of holiday season. People love to lavish expensive gifts on their dear ones and loved ones. Although magnets may not be a match for expensive jewelry and food gifts usually ordered during the occasion, but they are sure to become an asset to your campaign with their ability to stick.

We offer a great selection of festive magnets matching the theme of Valentine’s Day celebrations and marketers can easily select the one, which would fit into their budget. Our festive magnets for the day are built on heart shaped magnets, rect bear shaped magnets and other popular Valentine themes.

Being attractively designed and affordably priced, most small budget marketers and individuals find these custom magnets perfect for bulk gifting. We offer highest margin in the industry over wholesale orders of these loved –up magnets. These personalized seasonal magnets are perfect for sending invites for individual

Valentine’s Day parties; make celebratory announcements and acknowledging clients on the occasion. It is perfect for complimentary gifting along with purchases or it makes great individual gift during tradeshows, individual parties, or business conventions. Whatever be the reason for gifting, these loveable magnets are sure to lighten up the eyes of people who receive it. You can also consider high quality, celebratory magnets for mass mailing.

Save on art setup, online design proof and full color printing because their prices are included within the product.

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