Drive Up Your Brand Exposure With Car Magnets – Every Mile Matters!

Ensure a quick brand makeover by putting a face on to your magnet. Imprint your logo, snapshot or message on these outdoor and UV safe magnets to get every road mile count into leads!Car magnets will display your logo on the go and spool in countless impressions every time you drive!

Custom Car Magnets are also an easy and effective way to double up your road trips into brand promotion. Everyone will surely notice these full color magnets . Be it at the traffic lights, highways or streets, logo magnets will definitely offer miles of exposure. So, personalize these car magnets to match your business theme and engage your customers.

Car Magnets are Made to last

Besides, car magnets are long lasting and can withstand the outdoor weather elements with a grin! Employ these magnets to get the ultimate mileage out of your marketing effort that too at a lower cost.

Premium quality imprint

Superior imprint is what makes your logo eye catching to the people on the road. Quality will obviously mean a lot when all you have is a few flashing seconds to impress the onlookers before the car whizzes past! Imprint your logo or message in full color on your custom magnets to easily grab a few eyeballs in no time.

Personalize it

Say it in your own style! Customize these car magnets to ensure the best results and target marketing. Imprint your logo, message or artwork to tell the world everything you wish in style!

It is simple and swift

Forget about the time consuming tasks of printing brochures or flyers, as our custom magnets are easy to order and customize. Time is money and we know that better than anyone else; and that is why we have fast shipping options to ensure you the quickest results.

Shop for the Most popular

Political car magnets : Ideal or all types of political campaigns, these full color magnets are indeed hard to resist. Why not customize these with your logo and message to get your message out to the voters.

6x4 Custom Oval Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Oval car magnets : Oval shape is cool as it has the maximum imprint area that you can ask for! Hoist your logo, message or artwork and see how the world starts cheering for your logo in no time.

3.8x8 Custom Ribbon Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Ribbon shaped car magnets: Put your message on these most recognizable ribbon formats and get the maximum support for your cause . Besides, it is a perfect option for charity, cancer awareness campaigns and fundraising events among others.

Shop by shape

3.56x2.7 Custom Digital Camera Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Digital camera shaped magnets: These curiously shaped car magnets are just right for photographers and studio owners to improve their visibility and brand value. The easily recognizable shape of these magnets will let you say a lot about your business without having to strain your vocal cord!

2.5x3.125 Custom Cell Phone Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Cell phone shaped magnets : Make special offers or announcements, buy easy attention and promote your logo with these unique magnets that will surely grab a few eyeballs on both moving or stationary cars.

Personalize it the way you like!

Our custom magnets are also easy to customize and the best part is that these are budget friendly. Printed using UV safe inks, our car magnets last a long and retain their brilliance for a very long time. Stick these to your vehicle’s door or bumper, take off and reuse as needed to make moving billboards for your brand. Magnets will also give your vehicle a hard to beat professional look!

All it takes is 4 simple steps

  1. Create a design: Make a design of your choice or let us do it for you. Upload it and get these magnets do the talking for your brand.
  2. Make a big impression – Choose custom car magnets that match your vehicle.
  3. Display it with pride – Our long lasting magnets are easy to stick and remove.
  4. Get is fast – We have fast shipping options to ensure a timely branding campaign.

Not many promotional gifts can match the benefits of car magnets

  • Promote your logo while you are on the go with our car magnets. Your message will get a grand display while you are on a service call, a product delivery or even when you holiday!
  • Personalize with your message or artwork and spread your message as you drive around.
  • Car magnets make affordable and adorable tools to market your business. Make the best use of your corporate vehicles or delivery trucks to change it to your own rolling advertisement.
  • Drive around with your logo, tagline or your announcement that too without damaging your car surface. Grab a few eyeballs and see how your logo gets into a top spin with your every drive.
  • Car magnets are well suited for all types of businesses especially restaurants, landscaping services, home maintenance agents and so on .

Get spotted!

Get noticed on your own driveway or the road with our stylish car magnets. Make sure to keep these magnets on a prominent area for maximum visibility. Avoid plastic parts or molding strips that could prevent the magnets from getting properly stuck on to the vehicle. Great for cars, boats, trucks or infact any vehicle, these versatile signage will also make great options to create a buzz about your message.

Where to use

  • Delivery vans and trucks
  • Fleet of company vehicles or political campaign cars
  • Cars for office use or personal use

Build up team spirit

Show your support to your sports league by getting car magnets in the team colors. Schools, corporate brands and organizations can all instill loyalty and pride in their team and employees by using these logo imprinted magnets that will never fail to deliver!

Use it as personalized gifts

In addition, custom car magnets fare well as personal gifts and not just promotional hand outs. Put your thank you message, quotes or snapshots on these magnets and stick it on trucks, cars or anything that a magnet will stick to. It is indeed the best way to give wheels to your brand campaign. Bring out your creative talents on these custom magnets and see how your logo promotion becomes as easy as never before.

Create your own traffic

We will not be surprised if these stylish car magnets will set off a traffic jam as people will be scurrying to catch a closer look at these magnets. Traffic block or not, we bet that these promo items will boost the traffic of your business site for sure!

Great fundraising items

Looking for a popular and profitable fund raising item? Look no further than custom car magnets. Easy to customize and always in demand, logo car magnets will indeed make your fund raising event a success.

Car magnets are in vogue

Car magnets never go out of fashion and are also designed to last long and perform well. Magnets will bring in revenue and promote your logo at the same time, which means you can have double promotion at a small cost.

Why you need car magnets

Custom car magnets transform into potent marketing tools on the road as you drive past your potential customers. Thus magnets help you gain attention and bring business. Repeated impressions will indeed make new leads and higher ROI. So, customize these magnets with your message to make a high decibel megaphone that will bellow out your promotional slogan.

Do you use your everyday car as company car or switch sales or delivery vehicles? Make sure you have a few car magnets at hand. These can also be stuck to any steel surface and taken out easily without damaging the paint of the vehicle.

Can there be a better way to promote your brand, impress your clients and get more value for your promotional dime than car magnets. Get ready to advertise on the go with our UV safe car magnets and grab the best deals and choices you can ever ask for!

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