Get More Brand Visibility with Custom Fridge Magnets

Get noticed using promotional fridge magnets to make more leads and revenue. Custom magnets are low-cost promotional items that are well suited even for start- up companies or low budget marketing.  Get maximum value for your promotional dollars with custom fridge magnets. Not only are they as cheap as chips, they are delightful décor items that most recipients will pop on their fridge and see regularly.

Crowd pleasers

Let’s be frank about it. Most people enjoy displaying these full color custom magnets on their fridge doors, filing cabinets or in fact wherever they’ll stick. These interesting custom fridge magnets may be useful for holding up pieces of paper,;making a share-worthy statement or a tangible reminder for your brand.

Impressive Branding Area                            

Custom fridge magnets offer a large, full-color imprint area, which will give you a creative canvas to showcase your brand’s message. Make the most of these 100% customizable magnets by adding anything that you wish, to convey to your audience. Include your artwork or call to action message and not just the contact details. Choose from a wide range of interesting shapes to make it one of the most effective promotional products that truly reflect your brand.

Easy to distribute

Lightweight and compact, fridge magnets are also highly popular ; which makes it ideal for handing out at trade shows and conferences. Leave a stack at your booth for the attendees to take away, at trade shows and conventions. It will remain with the audience as a prominent reminder of your brand, for a long time even after the trade show.

Highly visible yet subtle

The best part of custom fridge magnets is that it makes a highly visible yet subtle promotional item for your business. Magnets are also non-intrusive, making people more receptive to your message. Even when these full color magnets remain in front of the audience; it will never make them feel overwhelmed unlike most other advertisements.

Besides, your contact information is always visible on fridge magnets; as they enjoy a grand display in high traffic areas in homes and offices. Plus, your recipients don’t have to go through their address books to find your details; as it will be right on their fridge.

Effective Marketing

While most conventional ads like TV or print ads have only a very short shelf life , fridge magnets will continue to promote your brand for a long time at one time investment. Once it makes its way to the fridge doors, they are likely to remain there for a long time.

Fridge magnets indeed make smart marketing ideas that have proven to be a big hit with businesses that want to get even more bang for a buck. You can display any type of information in full color to grab easy attention of people around. So, if you wish to stretch your promotional dollars even further, look no further than fridge magnets in bulk to get the best discounts. In addition, you get long term brand visibility at one time investment.

Budget friendly

Promotional refrigerator magnets are also incredibly budget friendly and are available at prices starting at prices less than a dollar. When compared to any other type of promotional product, your company will surely get unrivaled impressions.

Need more ideas to use these logo magnets in your promotions?  Feel free to contact our friendly team for interesting tips.

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