Magnetic Notepads

Magnetic Notepads- Sound Marketing Investments That Pay Off

 Paper Magnetic Notepad with 25 pages

Looking for a popular marketing item that will build your brand image and ensure assured ROI? Magnetic notepads will make a smart choice to consider. The generous imprint space will make it easy for you to customize these high utility items with your company logo or name and promote your brand. Why magnetic notepads? Magnetic […]

Custom Magnetic Notepads Could Be A Turning Point For Your Business. Here’s How!

3.5x8.5 Custom Printed Paper Magnetic Notepad with 50 Pages

Need to attract the attention of your audience in a budget friendly way? Custom Paper Magnetic Notepad will be a great choice. Everyone loves to have a notepad at work or home to make those quick notes and reminders or to pass information among colleagues friends or family members. Interestingly a notepad is one of […]

How Promotional Magnetic Notepads Enhance Your Business

3.5x6.25 Custom Notepads Blank Magna Pads House Shape Magnets 25 Mil

Brand building is an art as it involves diverse marketing techniques including choosing the most innovative marketing tools. Magnetic notepads is such an interesting promotional item that probably might not have been exploited fully yet. By investing in promotional notepads, you get the double advantage of having a popular gift in hand along with the […]

Magnetic Notepads- Get Your Brand Into Every Page On A Few Pennies

3.5x6.25 Custom Magna Pads Magnets 25 Mil

With the promotional budget for 2016 almost used up, most marketers are trying to find budget friendly promotional items to take their brand promotion through the remaining months of the year. What makes magnetic notepads popular? These are budget friendly, practical and ubiquitous. Everyone will love to have a notepad on their work desks at […]

How Magnetic Notepads Ensure More Value for Your Promotional Dollars

3.5x6.25 Custom Notepads Blank Magna Pads House Shape Magnets 25 Mil

Businesses looking for popular and appealing gift ideas that fit into their small promotional budget will find these unique magnetic notepads a great choice. Getting your message out without blowing the budget is what makes the success formula of every brand campaign. These custom magnetic notepads will help you in optimizing your promotional dollars and […]

Magnetic Notepads For Political Campaigns

3.5x6.25 Custom Magnetic Note Pad Plain White Sheet 50 Sheet Magnets 25 Mil

With the 2016 election campaign in full throttle, it is time to think about election campaign gifts for candidates to promote their symbol and election manifesto among the voters. Election notepads will help you stand out on your election campaign without having to compromise on your budget. Let’s be open about it! Every candidate doles […]

How Magnetic Notepads Ensure A Steady ROI For Your Brand

3.5x6.25 Custom Things To Do Magnetic Notepads 25 Mil

Most advertisers often find it hard to match their promotional budget with the custom gifts that they may wish to have. When every penny counts, it becomes a tight rope walk for marketers to find gifts that will readily grab the attention of your clients. So, if you have been looking for some sure fire […]

The benefits of distributing custom notepad magnets

3.5x5.5 Peel And Stick Magnetic Sticky Pad Stock Notes 20 Sheet

Win over your clients, prospects and whoever you meet by handing these custom magnetic notepads! Notepad magnets are extremely affordable, practical and make a smart way to grab easy recognition. There can’t be anyone who doesn’t use notepads in their daily lives. From making quick notes to grocery lists and appointments, notepads make a welcome […]