Magnetic Notepads- Sound Marketing Investments That Pay Off

Looking for a popular marketing item that will build your brand image and ensure assured ROI? Magnetic notepads will make a smart choice to consider. The generous imprint space will make it easy for you to customize these high utility items with your company logo or name and promote your brand.

Why magnetic notepads?

Magnetic notepads will put your message right in plain view of your audience without being intrusive. The regular exposure of your brand make  your audience familiar with your brand and the next time when they need products or services similar to that of yours- your logo will come to their mind instinctively!

Custom magnetic notepads offer maximum visibility, optimum practicality and low cost-benefit. Offered in a wide range of sizes, these logo items make versatile handouts for all types of businesses and events as well. Best gifts for social groups, awareness campaigns and tradeshows, these branded items are something not many can resist.

 Offered in a wide assortment of styles, types and sizes, magnetic notepads allow you to stand out easily in the competition and flaunt your brand.

Promotional items play a crucial role in reinforcing your brand image. Highly customizable, magnetic notepads ensure easy everyday advertising for businesses. Your recipients will find these logo items to write down reminders, make notes and more. The best part- they will always have a handy notepad right in front of them and where they can find easily. These will fit easily on refrigerator doors, filing cabinets or infact any ferrous surfaces. The big bonus is that these notepads are sleek and fashionable that your recipients will be tempted to carry these around wherever they go!

Here are some of the popular models that you will find interesting

Paper Magnetic Notepad with 25 pages : It is a cost effective custom gift for small and medium advertisers working in a small marketing budget. Ideal to keep notes, reminders and shopping lists, these notepads will go a long way in engaging your audience with your brand in a subtle way.

 Paper Magnetic Notepad with 25 pages

3.5×2.75 Custom Add-A-Pad Magnetic Notepad with 50 Sheets: These notepads will enjoy a long retention thanks to the impressive number of paper sheets. Your recipients will develop a strong bonding with your brand by the time the pages get used up. Make use of the generous imprint space to position your brand and message in full view of not just the prospects but also everyone around.

Add-A-Pad Magnetic Notepad with 50 Sheets

3.5×8.5 Custom Printed Paper Magnetic Notepad with 50 Pages:  Your recipients will have n easily accessible, big, writing  pad that adheres to a refrigerator, white board, school locker, or any other magnetic surface. These make great handouts during business events, store promotions and employee appreciation events among others.

Printed Paper Magnetic Notepad with 50 Pages

Need more? Browse our complete line of magnetic notepads to pick up an item that matches your needs.

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