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World Music Day Is 21st June- Plan Your Promotions With Themed Custom Magnets

World Music Day Is 21st June- Plan Your Promotions With Themed Custom Magnets

Music may be a passion for some, a profession for some others and a way of life for the rest. No matter which category you fall into, the world music day will call for a big celebration. Music is popular among every genre of people for its therapeutic and stress busting qualities. Music bands, concerts […]

Keep Rocking N’ Rollin’ With These Arts And Entertainment Magnets

3.5x4 Custom Musical Refrigerator Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Why are Arts and Entertainment Magnets the perfect solution for a show producer, music producer, a band or a solo artist?Are you looking for the best way to showcase your talent or let the community know of your upcoming events? As a producer or as a rising star, each one has a task to do […]

Promotional Musical Refrigerator Magnets worth seeking for new music bands

3.5x4 Square Corner Musical Magnets for Refrigerators

Be it a fund raising event for a concert hall or the album promotion of a newbie music band, custom musical refrigerator magnets will never fail to work for you. These high quality custom magnets that are exclusively made in USA will snuggle up to any steel surface and makes yet another diehard fan of […]

Top suggestions to promote your business with Custom art and entertainment magnets

4x7 inch Event Schedule Magnets Round Corner

Let your art and entertainment business be the music in the ears of your customers with these custom art and entertainment magnets! Perfect for new as well as established artists and bands that are trying to boost their public image, these custom magnets will make sure that your musical note is well heard among your […]

Personalized Art and Entertainment Magnets – Great for sending art-felt Invitations

Personalized Art and Entertainment Magnets

The words “art” and “entertainment” pack lots of punch and happiness within them, still one can choose to spruce the oomph element of an event by sending out art-felt invitations such as personalized art and entertainment magnets. As the name suggests art and entertainment magnets are best to buy interests of people who are either […]