Top suggestions to promote your business with Custom art and entertainment magnets

Let your art and entertainment business be the music in the ears of your customers with these custom art and entertainment magnets! Perfect for new as well as established artists and bands that are trying to boost their public image, these custom magnets will make sure that your musical note is well heard among your customers. With scores of music bands and troupes trying to get a toe hold in this booming multimillion dollar industry of music and entertainment, you may really need an extraordinary promotional idea to steal the spot light.

4x7 inch Event Schedule Magnets Round Corner

Available in a range of interesting shapes and color choices, these magnets are well suited for yearlong promotional handouts as tradeshow gifts, music store discount coupons, event tickets and much more. Although art speaks for itself, self-marketing is what keeps any artist in the public eye and makes their art a talking point! Even gifted artists get pushed back into oblivion by the tough competition and the deluge of new artists in this industry. To hold their stride firmly in the quick sand hours of pressure and high expectations, the artists have to connect with fans, loyalists and critics on a personal level.

All our art and entertainment fridge magnets help the artists to indulge in effortless marketing without having to put in a lot of time or effort. Choose from a range of delightful custom magnets like magnetic calendars, business card magnets, postcard magnets and much more. The music aficionados will treasure these as souvenirs or as refrigerator art and every time they see these custom magnets they will be tempted to check out on your new releases and events.

Here are some of our top suggestions to put your business message and troupe name well heard in the high pitch music industry.

Custom 4x7 inch Square Corner Musical Magnets Dance Game 20 Mil

Indulge in a fun game with your fans and spectators by handing out these Custom musical magnets dance game. It makes an interesting pre-invitation for individual or community or business sponsored dance, game, and musical parties. The generous imprint area will position your invite and ensures great visibility for your band from over the refrigerator doors or car dash boards. Hand these out to charm your guests, clients, and audiences who mean a lot to your personal and business goodwill and make your band their all time favorite.

Event schedule magnets will help the artists to engage their audience consistently by sharing the information about their musical performances throughout the season. Music buffs will never forget your music night thanks to these colorful and attractive events lists that help them plan their days and schedules accordingly. Often people miss out the dates amidst the daily chores and demanding schedules. These friendly reminders will surely see your music fans trooping into the concert halls on time!

Band magnets are perfect for musical bands and entertainers trying hard to position their bands before the public. Easy on your wallets and high in promotional scope, these magnets can be handed out at tradeshows, musical store openings and much more to let the music world know about your band! Let your band make a buzz to grab the attention of the music lovers around with these custom magnets. These are also perfect for bulk mailer campaigns and as personal gifts.