Arts & Entertainment Refrigerator Magnets & Car Magnets

Arts & Entertainment Refrigerator Magnets & Car Magnets

Custom art and entertainment magnets are perfect for new as well as established artists and bands who are trying hard to boost their public image. Offered in variable sizes and shapes, these personalized refrigerator magnets can be availed as a year round gift. Produced from high quality stock material, these artistic magnets are sure to last longer. Offered in an affordable price, most start up bands and art businesses find it as a great investment. We offer the highest wholesale price for these full-color magnets.

Alternatively, you may choose from the below size or shape!

Artists and entertainers have to work hard to keep themselves in the public limelight. Although art speaks for itself self-marketing is important for an artist to remain in the public eye and make their art a talking point. Many times producing or practicing art and marketing becomes a tedious task due to the highly competitive art field. Many times the bands and artists need marketing consultants and marketing firms to work on their behalf. However, that does not take pressure off their shoulders because it is becoming increasingly important to connect with fans, loyalists and critics on personal level. All our art and entertainment fridge magnets aid artists to indulge in effortless marketing, while concentrating on their performances.

Personalized magnets can easily find footage over refrigerator doors at home because people love to use them for reference (magnetic calendars, business card magnets, postcard magnets) or as a refrigerator art. We offer a brilliant collection of personalized magnets which can be used for popularizing art throughout the year. This selection features musical refrigerator magnets, musical magnets dance game, band magnets, event schedule magnets and arts calendar magnets.

Artists can gain a marketing edge by combining any of these personalized art magnets for their next campaign. We offer free full-color printing which allows art marketers to get creative with their marketing. They can use as many colors and visuals as they wish to spruce up their promotional magnet.

These are perfect as giveaways at art events, tradeshows, business conventions, performance venues and more. Full color entertainment magnets are also best for bulk mailers and they are offered with customized envelopes.

Avail free art setup, free online design proof and unlimited mock-ups on all orders.

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