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    Band Magnets

    Band Magnets

    Band magnets are perfect for musical bands and entertainers who are trying hard to position their bands before the public. These refrigerator magnets lend them large canvas to imprint their contact details and musical highlights in the colors of their choice. Most small bands and performers find these customized band fridge magnets affordable and they often end up ordering it for bulk giving. Perfect for sending mailers, bulk distributions and individual handouts on many occasions!

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    Customized band refrigerator magnets are also perfect for businesses which are trying to cash from band performances. It suits program organizers, supporters and music stores which are trying to reap benefits from the occasion. They can send it out as a goodwill program reminder and round it off by printing their contact information. People will perceive it as a sign of goodwill because it plays before their eyes, whenever they open the refrigerator door.

    Our current collection of customized band fridge magnets features rectangle and square magnets in various popular sizes. We encourage creative thoughts and experiments which mean marketers can try with other shapes such as musical shaped magnets, oval magnets, circle magnets, etc. If marketers or bands wish to further their impact, it is perfect to combine it with other art and entertainment magnets such as musical refrigerator magnets, musical magnets dance game, event schedule magnets and arts calendar magnets.

    Bands can hand out full color personalized magnets during local community events, tradeshows or they can gift it in coordination with local music stores. It is important for start-up bands to know at least a few of their loyal followers by name. They can easily acknowledge those loyal followers by sending these customized magnets.

    We offer free full color printing which makes it easier for investors to experiment and synchronize their information in any color of their choice. They can easily support their information with impressive visual/visuals or band logo or any other specific information.

    Save on the art setup, online design proof and unlimited mock-ups because their prices are included.

    To know more about personalization, shipping and other benefits of availing these customized arts and entertainment magnets, feel free to contact us at 855-762-4638 or write to us at

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