Promote your spiritual and social niche activities with Religious magnets

Want to promote your prayer group or church in a subtle and non obtrusive manner that falls in line with your social and charity activities? If yes, then the answer will be custom religious and church magnets. Available in a range of models and sizes to convey your sphere of activity to your laity, these magnets are here to stay for sure.

3.5x4 inch Square Corner cross and bible Magnet

You can invest in these budget friendly custom refrigerator and car magnets to express Christian faith and inspire others to follow the same. Imprint the logo, religious quotes and thoughts, spiritual activities and in fact anything that can be of relevance on these wide imprint area logo imprinted magnets to stir up the religious spirit within the youth.

The fast paced life coupled with the challenges of economic instability have made people depressed and vulnerable and no wonder more people are finding solace in church services. These custom magnets are perfect to guide the youth along a righteous path and to prevent them from slipping into the world of drugs and violence. The inspirational quotes on these customized religious and spiritual magnets that can be stuck on refrigerator doors or infact any metal surface will make a perfect note to start a day for anyone!

Most of these customized church and spiritual magnets are crafted on popular sizes of fridge –friendly rectangle and square magnets. However, if you are looking for something exceptional here are some of the models that you can seek for getting your spiritual message out.

Cross and Bible Magnets

Cross and Bible Magnets have always been our best sellers among religious magnets. If you are looking for a religious reminder and a token of value building then you can opt for a 3.5 x 4 inches square cornered cross and bible magnet. It is usually preferred by church officials, who wish to keep their followers reminded about the Lords teachings and to announce about biblical meetings or church conventions that are held to inspire the followers. These religious advertising magnets are chosen for year around value building because people get easily drawn to it. Offered in an affordable price range, church officials and church groups can easily order them at wholesale rates and avail exciting discounts.

3.5x4 Religious Calendar Full color Magnet 20 mil

Church Calendar Magnets

Church Calendar Magnets help to organize the activities and programs of the church and the followers. These magnetic calendars can be printed with important religious dates and information about church services, Bible studies, special prayer meetings, holidays and more. Church followers will be happy to retain these colorful and informative religious magnets over their refrigerator doors which will make sure that they do not miss out any church events.

A 3.5 x 4 religious calendar full color magnet is an impressive church branding token and it can be personalized with suitable information against a very small fee. A perfect gift during the Christmas celebrations or New Year, these can be employed as a fundraiser too- thanks to its adorable designs.

We have a stock pile of some of the most popular religious magnets in all possible shapes and price range. These custom magnets for refrigerators and cars are made in USA and produced from high quality stock material. Personalize these Christian magnets with church messages, church calendars, church business cards and much more to reach out to the believers and to promote spiritual messages.

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