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    Cross and Bible Magnets

    Cross and Bible Magnets

    Custom cross and bible magnets are one of the most ordered religious magnets on These religious advertising magnets are chosen for year round value building because people get easily drawn to it. Offered in an affordable price range, church officials and church groups can easily order them at wholesale and avail exciting discounts, too. These symbolic church magnets are perfect giveaways for prayer meetings, church festivals, church fundraisers and more. 

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    Cross and bible are two popular Christian religious symbols which attracts followers and non-followers alike. What if they go together in one place without diminishing each others importance? Yes, they go together with our cross and bible refrigerator magnets.

    Made from superior magnetic material sourced from different US states, these made in USA magnets meet high quality standards and respect all labor laws. This is why our advertising magnets are not only perfect to stir Christian beliefs but also celebrating the American pride!

    Cross and bible are two things which unites an assembly of followers and it has reminded generations of churchgoers about their faith. This means it is never too late to popularize a prayer group and church with these biblical magnets.

    It is seen that youth are backing out from church services and prayer meetings due to various reasons. Churches and prayer groups can inspire the youth through these marketing magnets. They can distribute it during various occasions to buy their attention and inspire them to participate.

    Most people love decorating their fridge with colorful promotional magnets because they double up as a refrigerator art. These advertising magnets may not be as typical as the other promotional items, but it will surely grab footage over refrigerator doors. People are happier to flaunt their religious side by hanging various religious symbols and insignia within their homes and these religious and church magnets will offer them reason to beam with pride.

    We offer free full-color printing which allows church congregations, group leaders and church officials to experiment with various colors. They do not have to pay anything extra for these experimentations. In addition, they can think of indulging other shaped magnets like circle magnets and oval magnets.

    To know more about these church magnets or any other religious magnets in this category, feel free to contact us at 855-762-4638 or write to us at

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