Beauty/Spa Magnets

Relax Your Budget And Our Beauty/Spa Magnets will Take Care Of Your Business

4x6 Custom Hair Care Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Every hair salon or spa owner knows that the most important factor in retaining customers is ensuring customer satisfaction on every visit. If you wish to grow your business, retaining your existing customer base is not enough. You have to market your salon or spa to new customers! So, how do you do this? The […]

How custom promotional magnets benefit Health & Beauty businesses?

Promotional 2x3.5 Beauty Salon Business Card Magnets Square Corner 25 mil

Health and beauty business is one of the most competitive and rewarding markets in the United States. It is interesting to note that clients often remain loyal to their favorite spas and salons, even during tough times like economic recession. So it becomes important for the spa owners to show their appreciation to their existing […]

The advantages of using custom spa magnets in business promotions

4x7 inch Back Spa Massage magnets Round Corner

Custom back spa massage magnets remind people on a daily basis to contact you when they need a pampering spa experience. These attractive magnets make perfect promotional giveaways to woo new clients and to keep your existing clients smiling. A cost effective way to generate business, custom magnets are here to stay for sure. There […]

4 Interesting Beauty and Spa Magnets to beautify and promote your beauty business

Beauty and Spa Magnets

Beauty rocks! There ain’t a doubt about it, but if you wish to project your beauty salons or spa as next hottest happening place (after an erupted volcano!) in the city, then it’s worth of investing in some beauty and spa salon magnets. Until few years back many of these beauty hotspots thrived on WOMM […]