The advantages of using custom spa magnets in business promotions

Custom back spa massage magnets remind people on a daily basis to contact you when they need a pampering spa experience. These attractive magnets make perfect promotional giveaways to woo new clients and to keep your existing clients smiling. A cost effective way to generate business, custom magnets are here to stay for sure.

4x7 inch Back Spa Massage magnets Round Corner

There are no two opinions that exchanging business cards with prospective clients makes the first step in building relationship. However paper business cards have a very short life span as people often trash it or misplace it and this is where spa magnetic business cards can make a difference.

Spa custom magnets are ideal options to reinforce your brand in the niche market and among the local community. People are becoming more health and beauty conscious and avail the services of spa and hair salons more than ever before. A recent study of the Bureau Of Labor Statistics suggests that the job opportunities for massage therapists are expected to surge till 2016.

Custom spa magnets are offered in a range of different styles like hair care magnets, and beauty salon magnets. These promotional magnets are great options to promote spa, hair and nail salons, spa, health clubs and much more. Make use of our full color promotional magnets offer to give your contact information and service details to all your busy clients at easy-to-find places like refrigerator doors at home or filing cabinets at their workplaces.

Though there are no hard and fast rules on how to distribute these custom magnets, these will make ideal giveaways during tradeshows, bulk mailer campaigns, beauty shows, beauty conferences, campaigns, store openings and much more. No matter how you wish to give these away, your clients will surely appreciate this gesture because it offers them easy access to their spa and beauty salon.

However it doesn’t imply that spa massage centers and beauty salons have an easy time finding customers as dozens of spa and beauty care salons pop up every day. To make their businesses feasible, they have to ensure top quality customer service and easy accessibility. Most spas employ almost the same kind of run of the mill promotional strategies that fail to cut ice with their clients and fail to attract new customers. With these beautiful promotional back spa refrigerator and outdoor magnets on the scene, it is going to be lot easier for spas to promote their back massaging services.

Custom 3x5 inch Square Corner Beauty Salon Magnets 20 mil

Here are some of the advantages of custom spa magnets

  1. First off, the advantages of magnetic advertising are countless. These are low cost promotional ideas that will never fail to get your name and business message to a large group of people.
  2. The outdoor custom spa magnets will make your brand well exposed as your clients drive around and these will surely attract a few eyeballs.
  3. Spa and massage services can put these promotional magnets in use to prove their authenticity by offering special offers to homemakers, athletes and families.
  4. Beauty and glamour gets the attention of customers any time, every time. So there is never an inappropriate time to gift these promotional magnets.
  5. Make use of the hefty cash savings offer by ordering in bulk for you to carry out those bulk mailer campaigns and tradeshows. Selling your business information through these custom magnets has never been so easy.
  6. Full color imprint options on these custom magnets will make your logo look appealing and easily recognizable.
  7. We offer both stock designs and online design programs for you to customize these magnets to match your branding themes
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