A few Smart tips to distribute your Custom lawyer business cards and get benefitted

If you are thinking of inexpensive hand outs that are not cheap or tacky, custom magnets will be a good option as these reflect the quality of your firm without leaving a hole in your pockets.Legal magnets are well suited for clients of all age groups that range from college going students to 50-something CEOs and everyone in between. These can carry your business message in style and above all will keep your brand well displayed.

Custom 2x3.5 Law Firm Business Card Magnets Round Corner 25 mil

Business cards are available in a lot of attractive designs and full color print options that will give a clear cut advantage to your business. These magnets are cost effective and are good options for mass mailer campaigns as well thanks to its trendy and sleek designs. While handing out these magnet cards, the lawyers can be rest assured that their clients will always find these contact details whenever they need the most!

Attorney business card magnets are effective options to get your business messages stuck in the homes and minds of your clients. These do not run the risk of getting misplaced by the clients as these attractive card magnets can be stuck on their filing cabinets or work desks and whenever your clients need your contact information, it will be right at the tip of their fingers.

Easy accessibility hold the trump card for any successful brand promotion for law firms as their clients will be in distress and in urgent need of legal help when they try to contact you.

Custom 2x3.5 Attorney and Lawyer Business Card Magnets Round Corner 20 mil

Here are some smart tips of distributing these legal business cards to ensure the best results.

  • Discount coupons – Custom magnet business cards can also be made discount coupons. The clients can use these for referral bonus and for availing discounts the next time they seek legal aid from your attorney office.
  • Fish Bowl Marketing – Get a glass fish bowl and put up a sign asking those who carry your custom magnetic business cards to drop in it. In return your customers will get a free offer like a free consultation or a free dinner. Make sure you have kept adequate custom magnet cards at the tradeshow booth for all those enthusiastic prospective clients making a beeline. Now, you’ve got a bowl full of potential leads!
  • Put it on street polesFix these custom magnets on street poles with metal surfaces. People will be curious to come closer to have a look and if they decide to take these home, you are rest assured of a long term brand exposure on their refrigerator or filing cabinet that will transform into leads later on.
  • Send one with a bouquet of flowers Send women clients a bouquet of flowers on the occasion of your successful representation of their case where you can place a couple of these custom lawyer business cards and a thank you card.
  • Gas Station Counter – This is another smart tactic that will win your business clients. Keep a few custom magnetic business cards at the counter of the local gas station for everyone to see and people who are in need of legal services will surely hire you.
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