School Magnets

Custom School Contact Magnets For Back To School Campaigns

Personalized School Bus Shape Magnets 20 Mil

School magnets make a useful tool for students, parents and teachers every time they need some essential information like phone number, holiday list, exam schedules and much more.  These full color magnets will stay safe for the whole academic year and even beyond, making the school days a lot easier and well organized. Made to […]

A Few Interesting Ways To Use Custom School Magnets

Football Shape School Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

Custom school magnets are not just contact magnets or business card magnets. Choose from a wide range of models to add impetus to your brand visibility and reach out to parents and students. Here are some of the School magnets that can be used for school fundraising and raising school spirit. School outdoor magnets Outdoor […]

Custom School Contact Magnets – A Contact Card That Never Gets Misplaced!

3.5x2 Custom School Contact Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

School Contact Magnets make it easy for parents to call your school to check on their wards or for emergencies. Offered in a range of models, these custom magnets will be there for parents, teachers and students every time they need. Unlike paper cards, which can often get lost or damaged these magnetic cards remain […]

3 Popular Custom magnet Ideas For Schools

4.88x2.12 Customized School Bus Shape Magnets 20 Mil

While summer break for school students is around the corner, it is time for school administrators to get busy with planning for the next school year. Schools looking for fresh promotional ideas for the upcoming school year will find custom magnets a great choice. These cost effective products are great to enhance school spirit, support […]

Free Shipping On All Custom School Magnets- Plan Your Back To School Promotions Early

5.25x1.75 Custom Magnets School Bus Shape Magnets 20 Mil

School year is in its final lap and the kids are already excited about the summer holidays ahead. However for the school management, it is a busy time where they need to think about business promotional strategies and events for the academic year ahead. Custom school magnets will make a great choice for schools to […]

Custom School Magnets – Raise Funds and Show Your Spirit

4x3 Custom School Contact mascot and Stripes Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

School magnets make wonderful ways to show the school spirit and to turn it into a fund raising item. With the academic year in the final lap, it is time to think ahead and plan some effective fund raising solutions. School magnets make a smart way to show your school spirit and to turn it […]

How Custom School Magnets Will Make Your Back To School Promotions More Interesting

4x1 Custom Pencil Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Custom school magnets are great options to spread awareness to promote brands and to support social causes. Kids love these colorful and handy personalized magnets that will double up as décor items for their study tables, fridge doors and more. Now that back to school promotions are in its final lap, educational institutions can opt […]

School Magnets – The Cost Effective Way To Get Your Message Out

4x1 Custom Imprinted Pencil Shaped School Magnets 25 Mil

Though schools are not yet closed for the vacations, it is already time for school administrators to start planning about the impending back to school promotions to retain the existing students and to attract new students. With the travelling jobs taking parents far and wide, it has become all the more difficult for schools to […]

Get Ready For Back To School Campaigns With School Magnets

4x7 Custom Refrigerator Magnetic Calendars Magnets 20 Mil

The biggest challenge that schools face every academic year is to ensure a steady students strength. Vacations are also time for families to change their place of residence or jobs, which will also take off kids from the schools they were studying. The educational services market in US is large and growing and schools face […]

Custom School Magnets – Get Your School Ready For A Fresh Academic Year

3.5x4 Custom School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

It is almost summer holidays and a whole year passed by in the blink of an eye. For us at Custom magnets direct, it feels like yesterday when we were selling school calendar magnets in bulk for the all the schools. Yet again it is time to talk about custom school magnets as we have […]