3 Popular Custom magnet Ideas For Schools

While summer break for school students is around the corner, it is time for school administrators to get busy with planning for the next school year. Schools looking for fresh promotional ideas for the upcoming school year will find custom magnets a great choice. These cost effective products are great to enhance school spirit, support fund raising efforts and share information with parents and students.

Here are three popular promotional magnets that schools can employ

  • Fundraising magnets – Car magnets also make great fund raising items for schools and sports clubs. Customize these full color magnets with your brand and message. Your supporters and volunteers will be happy to buy these magnets as a token of support, thereby taking your message far and wide while you raise enough funds for your campaign.
  • Car magnets – It is a fun way to get across your message and  drive up school spirit. Show off your school colors or mascot on these full color magnets and enhance your popularity. It is an excellent way to boost school spirit, clubs and student recognition programs. The best part is that car magnets can be placed practically anywhere, including lockers or car windows.  It makes a delightful way for students, parents and staff to show their school pride wherever they go.
    4.88x2.12 Customized School Bus Shape Magnets 20 MilCar magnets will set off word of mouth publicity for your school before the new admission season. Most people go by referrals while choosing schools for their wards and car magnets will make an effective way to highlight your track record. Choose from a range of popular models like school bus shaped magnets, school calendar magnets or school contact magnets among others. Get your brand, message or admission details imprinted on these magnets to grab easy attention. Anyone who sees these full color magnets will be inspired to know more about your institution.
  • School Calendar Magnets – Students, teachers and parents will have a lot to keep track during every school year. From back-to-school events, conferences, sports events and team spirit rallies- School calendar magnets keep everyone updated. Practical and convenient, these custom magnets will keep your prospects well informed and right on top of the events throughout the school year. Magnets stick to the fridge or filing cabinets and will never get misplaced unlike paper calendars. Calendar magnets make the best companions of every school going kid or their parents that help them stay sane even on a crazy Monday morning.
    3.5x4 Custom School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round CornersThe big plus is that school calendar magnets will instill the habit of staying organized in life among kids from a very early age itself. These full color magnetic calendars make a great school pride item that will be retained as keepsakes for a very long time. Calendar magnets help them to adhere to the schedules of school and stay well prepared for all the events in school on time. Offered in various models and sizes, suitable for different age groups including elementary school calendar magnets, calendar magnets will engage your audience with your brand easily.

Schools cannot miss this excellent opportunity of shopping for custom magnets to prepare for the next school year!